A recap of our videos in April

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In case you missed out on our April videos, we released the 2019 edition of our April fool’s edition. Beyond this, we talked about the reason we are based in Estonia, the possible risks associated with Go & Grow and what to do when you’ve made deposits and you are not seeing any investments. Jump right in below to catch up.

Bondora: April Fools Day Special

It’s time to show you some fail-recordings of our investor relations team who brings the weekly videos to your view.

Behind the hard work of video recording and production are some epic recording mistakes, but on a brighter side, it’s all a testament that that we are humans and can be funny as well.

We have taken the time to compile some of these fail-recordings for your pleasure J So, grab a cup of coffee, sit, relax and have a good laugh.


Bondora HQ: Why are we based in Estonia?

A question people usually ask is why is Bondora based in Estonia?

Estonia hosts the NATO cyber defence centre and also announced back in 2017 the opening of the world’s first data embassy in Luxemourg. This gives the country extra protection in case of a cyber attack.

Tallinn is known as Europe’s Silicon Valley and is a hub for innovative companies like Skype, Transferwise, Bolt, Monese, Veriff and of course Bondora.

Thanks to teaching kids how to code in kindergarten, Estonia has plenty of tech talent. Not only this, most people are fluent in several languages and the local government has supportive start up schemes. For fintechs like Bondora, this makes it easy to scale our services across Europe.

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Can the net return fall below 6.75%? Go & Grow risks – Part 1

A headline benefit of Go & Grow is the high-yielding return of 6.75%.

Despite our historic return rates, a proprietary credit scoring model developed over a decade and a reserve fund – there’s still a risk that the net return may fall below 6.75%.

For example, if the amount of investments in Go & Grow significantly exceeds the amount we can originate in loans, this results in a percentage of the portfolio remaining in cash. In other words, there could be a lot of money that’s not earning any return.

In this scenario, we may decide to add a limit to the amount new investors can deposit. Or in an extreme case, we could decide to stop accepting new investors altogether and form a waiting list – similar to Zopa in the United Kingdom.

While this scenario is unlikely, we want all Go & Grow investors to be aware of the risks and our action plans in place.

Can we always promise fast liquidity? Go & Grow risks – Part 2

All Go & Grow investors know and love being able to withdraw their money at short notice.

Before deciding to add this benefit, we analyzed cash flow data from a number of banks and investment funds – specifically during the global financial crisis of 2007-08. This, combined with our own data, helped us understand the continuous cash buffers that need to be in place to provide quick liquidity to investors.

Despite this, there’s still a risk that Bondora may not be able to meet withdrawal demand. In this scenario, your withdrawal will be processed in one of the two following ways, and whichever occurs first.

  1. You’ll receive your full withdrawal as soon as there’s enough money available in the Go & Grow account – generated by further returns or investments.
  2. You’ll receive a partial withdrawal once there’s enough balance available, and this will be paid out each banking day until the full amount has been fulfilled.

While this is, of course, unlikely, we want all Go & Grow investors to be aware of the risks and our action plans in place.  For a full description, check out the Go & Grow Terms of Use.

I’ve made deposits, but I can’t see any investments

If you’ve made deposits to your Bondora account and you can’t see any investment, it is possible that you have deposited in your Go & Grow account.

If this is the case, simply select the Go & Grow tab from your main menu and on the next page, you’ll find your deposits, your daily returns and your total withdrawable amount.

The Go & Grow works differently than other products. With the Go & Grow, you need not to worry about what loans to select, the Go & Grow system takes care of the hassles for you as you earn returns daily.