A recap of our videos in August

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Investing is a hot topic in our world today and even teenagers are starting to invest. So, in August, we talked about safety of your account with Bondora, if you can invest as a minor and how to directly make transfers to your Go & Grow account. Jump in below for details.

How to make direct transfers to Go & Grow – Bondora

Over time, making transfers to your Bondora account have become easier, and we would like to make it even better for you.

So, if you want to make transfers directly to your Go & Grow account using SEPA, it is important to add your Go & Grow reference number, your Bondora reference number and your name in the payment description. This way, your transfer can easily be identified and matched correctly.

Also, if you’ve made a transfer and it hasn’t arrived within 3 business days, you can contact our support via [email protected], provide the payment confirmation and our team will be happy to help.

I am under 18 years of age, can I invest with Bondora? – Bondora

At Bondora, we understand that teenagers are eager and excited to start securing their future financially and this is why most of them would like to start investing now.

Though you cannot have an investment account on the platform if you are below 18 years, your parents can invest on your behalf through our Go & Grow product. There, they can create a sub-account for you and when you are of age, you can open your own account to continue investing. This feature is absolutely free.

Is my account safe with Bondora? – Bondora

At Bondora, the safety of your account is a priority for us. For this reason, we’ve implemented a 2-factor authentication process.

This is an extra level of security for your account, which means that all account transactions and personal details changes need to be confirmed with an additional unique SMS PIN code sent to your registered mobile number. This is a safety benefit and all Bondora users can enjoy it.