A recap of our videos in June 2019

Bondora video

In the month of June, we had four videos, two of which focused on withdrawals and making deposits while the remaining two managing your email notifications and how you can get your ID verified at once. Dive in below for more.

Can I manage my email notifications by myself?

Yes, you can choose the kind of notifications you receive from us and this way, you can have a better overview of your account.

You can easily make these changes from your account settings page, under the email preferences. Click your name in the top right corner to open settings and then select the “Email preferences“ option.

Choose options that suit you best and hit the “Save“ button below the page to save the changes – it will take effect from the following day.

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Tips to pass ID verification at once!

Overall, to ensure your ID is accepted the first time, here are some handy tips for you:
• upload clear pictures of your national ID, both front and back sides
• upload only colour copies
• ensure the texts are easy to read with no information covered or edges cut out
• take the photo in natural light, without using flash
• and lastly, upload your files in either pdf, gif, jpg, tiff or png format

If your ID is rejected by our verification team, they’ll send you a message with the reason why they couldn’t accept it and specifically what you need to do for it to be accepted next time.

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I want to make a SEPA transfer, but I can’t find my bank on your website

Making deposits has become easier with 4 different options including SEPA, and you can do this at anytime.

But, in case you can’t find your bank on the bank list on our website, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t use this bank to send money to your Bondora account. It can simply be that we haven’t added your bank to this list yet. That’s not a problem – as long as it is an EU based bank account you can send money from it.

We will continue to review and update our bank list to make deposits even simpler.

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Tips to resolve failed pin code delivery for withdrawals

If you are trying to withdraw from your Bondora account and you are not getting the confirmation SMS PIN code, don’t be alarmed, you probably only need to double check your details again.

One thing you can do is to check your account settings to be sure that your mobile phone number is up-to-date. If that’s fine, but the problem persists, try restarting your mobile phone first and thereafter give it another try. This works in most cases.

Apart from that, making a withdrawal while you’re overseas and roaming may sometimes cause problems as well. If that’s the case, then check first your phone’s blacklist, to be sure our number isn’t blacklisted. Feel free to contact our support if you need any further assistance and our team is happy to help.

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