A recap of our videos in May 2019

Bondora News

In May we talked about the new changes to the Go & Grow and the Dashboard. We also gave an overview of Bondora’s growth and how you can switch between products on the platform. Catch up with more info below.

Go & Grow’s new interface

We have been working on improving the Go & Grow product and with the recently released version, the interface has been made simpler and better.

You can now have a full overview of your Go & Grow account without any extra clicks. Once you are on your Go & Grow page, you can immediately see your deposits, gained amount, your total pot and the auto-transfer switch.

In addition, you can click the three-line menu button at the top-right corner to access the Go & Grow menu options. Isn’t it better and simpler? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

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New look for Bondora’s dashboard

As part of improving our platform and giving the best to our investors, we have further simplified our dashboard to be more user-friendly.

The dashboard now captures all the important portfolio statistics in a summarized way to give you an overview of your portfolio performance.

In addition, with just a click, you can now catch up with the latest blog posts and Bondora videos right from your dashboard.

Remember to drop your comments, suggestions and feedback via our feature request tool and we will be happy to work with them. Thanks for watching and until next time, keep investing and bye for now.

Bondora is growing!

Over the past few years, the size of our business has grown significantly, and within the last 9 months, our investor base has grown from around 40,000 to over 63,200 investors and it’s still growing!

People from all over the world have invested over €211M and have earned €25M. Not only that, we’ve got an 11-year track record, our automated investing makes it simple for you to invest and you can start with as little as 1€.

Don’t wait any further, start with Bondora today and start earning more with your money.

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Cai I switch from one product to another?

Yes, you can easily switch between the Go & GrowPortfolio Pro and Portfolio Manager at any time without having to withdraw to bank account first.

For example, if you’d like to switch from Go & Grow to Portfolio Pro, first go to your Go & Grow page and disable the auto-transfer, to avoid money being transferred back to your Go & Grow account automatically.

Then, to withdraw, select the “Withdraw“ tab from your main menu and in the first step, select “Bondora”, in the second step, choose the Go & Grow account you want to withdraw from and in the third step enter the amount and confirm it. The money will then be transferred to your main account and your Portfolio Pro will start investing from there.

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