All the Secondary Market Stats From Last Month

Stats & Data

After two consecutive months of a growing secondary market, Bondora secondary market transactions slowed in September. A total of €759,599 was transacted on the secondary market in September, 8.5% less than the previous month. Manual transactions had the biggest change, down by 27.5% to €282,417 on the month.

Secondary market total volume - Sep 2019

Current Loans

Bucking the month’s trend, current loan transactions rose in September by 1.6% to €704,887. The gains came solely from Portfolio Manager transactions which rose to €302,847 in September from €238,225 a month ago. API and Manual transactions were down by 14.1% and 10.1% respectively. 

Secondary Market current loans - Sep 2019

Overdue Loans

Overdue loan transactions decreased by 33.5% to €31,317 on the month. While API statistics were relatively unchanged, manual transactions generated the vast majority of the overall reduction, falling to €27,861 from €43,578 a month earlier.

Secondary market overdue loans - Sep 2019

Defaulted Loans

After skyrocketing 279% higher in August, defaulted loan transactions settled at similar levels to previous months. Total defaulted loan transactions came to €23,394 in September, almost identical to the €23,596 transacted in July.

Secondary market defaulted loans - Sep 2019


The Bondora secondary market saw slight changes in September. This is to be expected, as an increase in defaulted loan transactions carried the secondary market higher in August. With defaulted loan transactions normalizing in September, secondary market figures are in-line with previous months from the first half of 2019, with overall trends remaining consistent.

Always remember, investors should not seek higher returns from buying and selling loans on the Bondora secondary market.

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