Auto-withdrawals, instant payments and changes to Go & Grow terms

Bondora News

Over the past couple of months, the Bondora team has been working on making improvements to the ever-popular Go & Grow. Nicknamed internally as Go & Grow Lumi (meaning “Snow” in Estonian), we’ve made some useful changes to improve the user experience, payments – and some bonus features!

Here’s a snapshot of all the shiny new updates:

  1. New dashboard – See your combined added, gained and total figures, a live net return tracker and more
  2. Withdraw directly to your bank account? No problem!
  3. Add money directly to your Go & Grow account with ease
  4. Improved user interface for super-smooth Go & Growing
  5. Auto-withdrawals (only available for an exclusive number of investors, for now…)
  6. Improved layout of blog updates on your home page
  7. Instant payments – yes!

The main features of Go & Grow we all know and love haven’t changed. But we’ll give you a brief walkthrough below, so you know all the specifics. To read more about the previous changes, click here.

Go and Grow features


A popular idea on our super-cool feature request tool was to create an automated monthly payout for investors. Why? Investors want to be able to withdraw the returns paid to their Go & Grow account each month without having to log in. This means you have more time to spend with your family, go rock climbing, or whatever else you like!

Choose your amount, select the date, confirm and that’s it! It’s a simple and time-saving way to withdraw money from your Go & Grow account to your bank account every month without any hassle. We’re testing this with an exclusive number of investors for 3 months only.

Go and Grow auto-withdrawals

If we see there’s a demand for this service and investors like it, we may release it to all investors at a later date. But we’ll be sure to keep you updated along the way!

Instant payments

Tired of waiting for your payments to arrive? SEPA instant payments are a new solution which allows you to complete European transfers in a matter of seconds. Whether you’re able to take advantage of instant payments is dependent on your bank. It’s not compulsory for banks to join the instant payment system, so you can check here if your bank is a member.

Instant payments

What does this mean for your Bondora account?

For now, you can deposit instantly to your Bondora account if your bank is a member of the instant payments system. Very soon, we’ll implement the same technology for withdrawals so you’ll be able to transfer money back to your bank account at a moment’s notice.

New user interface

Along with the changes to the withdrawal and deposit pages (which are now an easy 3-step process), we’ve improved the layout of the blog and weekly video design, so it’s even easier for you to catch up on all the latest news from Bondora. Here, we post how-to videos, data specific content, industry news, real customer’s stories and more.

Changes to the Go & Grow terms

A useful feature of Go & Grow is that you can sell your existing portfolio (i.e., your investments in Portfolio Manager or Portfolio Pro) to Go & Grow at an agreed price. Previously, a limitation of this was that it excluded investors who have already manually sold 10% of their existing portfolio. Now, we’ve increased this limit to 25% to give more investors the flexibility and choice to sell their portfolio and start using Go & Grow, if they wish. You can find the specifics in sections 4.2.1 and 4.2.2.

Still can’t see the new layout?

When logged into your account, select your name, then product choice and then Go & Grow.

Go & Grow new layout