Investing from outside of EU

Generally, anyone over the age of 18 living in the European Union, Switzerland or Norway can invest on our platform without any restrictions.

But if you reside outside the EU, you can still invest if you are what we call an „Accredited Investor“ – that is, if you have a certain net-worth and you reside in some specific countries. For more information, check out who can invest on Bondora and also remember to invite your friends who reside outside EU if they meet the criteria.

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What is P2P lending?

P2p lending at Bondora is quite different from the traditional bank credit models. Here, we make you the bank and we provide you the borrowers to lend to. We connect investors who are looking to invest their money with the borrowers who are seeking loans.

Investors generate profits from the interests paid by the borrowers while the borrowers benefit from the quick access to the loans they need. Also, this concept of p2p lending is relatively new in the finance market and has grown rapidly in the last decade.

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Changing your personal data

At Bondora, we see the personal information of our investors as sensitive and we make sure they cannot be changed without verification for the security of your account. This is why personal info such as name, mobile phone number and home address can only be changed by us, but if your Bondora account is fully verified, you can change your e-mail address yourself from your account settings.

So, to change any of the personal details mentioned above, simply write us via using your Bondora registered e-mail address and we will change them for you.

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Bondora Email Subscriptions

One of the importance of subscribing to our email updates is so you can keep up to date with your account and the platform in general without having to login. Apart from this, you can customize your email preferences and basically decide which of the emails you want to be receiving e.g. your daily summary, blog posts and many more.

All you need to do is log in to your account, click your name at the top right corner of your dashboard and select “Account”. On the next page, select “Email preferences”, choose your preferred email options and click the “Save” button to save the changes. It’s that quick and easy!

Bank Account Verification

Verifying your bank account details is one of the requirements for making withdrawals on your Bondora account and this video explains how you can easily do that.

Deposits made via VISA/Mastercard, Sofort, Transferwise or Trustly does not guarantee bank account verification because we do not automatically receive bank account details from these payment providers. So the easy way to verify your bank account is by making a transfer of at least 0.01€ to your Bondora account via a regular bank transfer otherwise known as SEPA.

It is important to remember to add your personal reference text to the payment description when making the transfer so we can easily identify it as soon as it arrives. All the bank account details you need for the transfer can be found on our ‘Add funds’ page when you click ‘SEPA’ tab, and be sure to let us know once the transfer is made so we can verify at once.

ID Verification Guide

Click here for the German or Estonian video.

* * *

To avoid repeatedly uploading ID documents for verification, we’ve provided a quick guide to ensure you pass the verification at once.

The process is quite simple. All you need to do is upload a copy of either your International passport, ID card or Driver’s license through your account settings. It is as easy as using your smartphone to take the picture and simply upload then our verification team will do the rest.

For every file you upload, it must be in color format, of good quality, with readable texts and all the edges must be visible. If you want to upload an international passport, you only need the information page. If you are uploading an ID card, then you must upload both front and back sides. Lastly, if you are uploading a Driver’s license, you only need to upload the front side. If all these are checked, you’ll pass your ID verification at once.

Overview of Cash flow page

Click here for the German or Estonian video.

* * *

The Cash flow page lets you track you investments and measure how profitable you are. You can monitor the performances of your investments to see which ones are performing and those that are not performing that much. This will help you to make informed decisions on your investment strategies.

The Cash flow page is simple to use and you can customize the table columns to filter the data you’d like to see. Also, you can now generate your Account statement by clicking ‘Current day’ at the top of the page and then select ‘Account statement’.

3-step Collection and Recovery Process

Click here for the German or Estonian video.

* * *

This video explains briefly the debt collection and recovery process which we have simplified into 3 stages. The first stage is the “In-house collection” stage. From day 1 to day 74 of overdue, we send regular reminders to borrowers and also send necessary information to debt registries.

The second stage is the “Default and Court” stage. From day 75+ overdue, we pass on debt details to the court and cases are filled usually through a payment order.

And lastly, the third stage which is the “Bailiff” stage, starting from approximately 200+ overdue, the bailiff starts to retrieve payments owed from the borrower’s income and assets. Click the links in the text for more details on our 3-step collection and recovery process.

Bondora – 2017 recap

Welcome to our final blog post of 2017. It’s been a huge year at Bondora, and as we approach the new year we thought it would be good to recap all the great changes that have happened this year.

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* * *

One of the biggest features we introduced this year was Portfolio Pro, a great tool for investors who like to have an automated portfolio with customizable options. If you haven’t tried it out yet, make sure to check out our video here for more information and give it a go.

And there’s more, in September we surpassed over €100M invested through our platform. As for new features, we’ve introduced new customizable tax reports, Trustly payment services, recurring payment options, a live chat service, an updated user interface and a revamped Refer-a-Friend reporting system.

We are incredibly excited for what 2018 holds, until then, we wish you a happy and wealthy start to the new year!

Team Bondora

Funding statistics, Christmas special

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* * *

This week we released the special Christmas edition of our weekly video series. Other than our fantastic Investor Relations Associates wearing Christmas hats, the video also contains some interesting statistics regarding the most popular investment methods used by our customers.

We compared how this distribution has changed since October and put forward some reasoning as to why this may have happened.

Key stats:

  • Portfolio Manager – 65.1%
  • Portfolio Pro – 33.8%
  • API – 1.1%

For more information, check out our recent funding statistics post here.