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Invite friends to BondoraHave you heard about the Bondora referral program? Well if you haven’t, now is a great time to get started and earn extra income.

When you refer one of your friends or family members to start investing with us, as a thanks from us you will receive 5% of what they invest within the first 30 days of opening an account. This is paid to you 1 day after the 30 day period ends and we will also give the person you refer a €5 bonus to get started, absolutely free.

Now you can keep track of exactly who you have referred, who has registered and who has invested all in one place. You can easily share your referral link through the invite friends tab via a specific email, social media or your contact list.

Get started today and share your unique link on social media via the ‘Invite friends’ tab on your Bondora account.

Direct Sell feature on the Secondary Market

Welcome to another weekly video post from Bondora.

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Last week we talked about the Benefits of the Personal Statistics page, so make sure you check it out if you missed it.

This week, we covered the ’Direct Sell’ feature and how it allows you to sell loans to specific investors on the platform. This gives investors the opportunity to reach an agreement with each other to sell their loans and also agree on the terms of sales before making the transaction.

Direct Sell Feature

Some of our technical investors even use the feature to strengthen their investments and as a private investor, you may find this feature useful in grouping your investments into a company account. The feature is absolutely free and easy to use.

To try it out, simply log in to your ’Investments’ page, click the sales cart icon to select the loans, click ’Sell all’, select the option to ’Sell to a specific user’ from the pop-up, enter the username of the investor, click continue and then finally sign the contract.

See you next week!

Benefits of Personal Statistics Page

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This video introduces the new outlook and benefits of your Personal Statistics Page. The page provides different graphs and charts that will help you measure your profitability. Charts like ‘Portfolio profitability’, ‘Net interest received’, ‘Monthly portfolio by planned vs received’, ‘Secondary market purchases’, ‘Secondary market sales’, ‘Recovery rate’ among others can also be customized as described in the video.


And if you can’t find any graphs or charts on your own personal statistics page, simply click the ‘settings’ icon next to the question mark at the top right corner of your statistics page then select ‘Restore defaults’ on the pop-up and your graphs will be restored.


Feel free to drop us a comment to let us know if you’ll like us to cover any topic on our video series and we’ll be glad to make video posts on them.

How to sell on Secondary Market

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In this weeks video, you’ll be learning how to sell loans on the secondary market. As a unique investment strategy, offering investments for sale on the secondary market is easy and free.

All you need to do is go to “Investments” page from your dashboard menu, identify the loans you want to sell and click the corresponding sales cart to select the loans.


Once the loans are added to the cart, click on the “sell all” button at the top of the page.

A pop-up will open where you have the options to sell the loans to a specific user or cancel the sales if loan payment is received or rescheduled. Once you are done selecting options, click continue and sign the sales contract. After that, the loans will appear on the secondary market for other investors to buy.


Updates on Reports page

Click here for the German or Estonian video.

In this video, we talked about the latest reporting feature added to our reports page. The reports page is now equipped with the possibility to generate report that shows your income by country. This will enable you to easily track your income from each country especially for tax purposes. To generate the report, login to your report page, then click “Create New Report”.

snapshot of Bondora Reports page

You can check the box that indicates “Tax report – by country of income”, set the period using the calendar on the right hand side and then click “Create the report”.

Creating new Bondora report

What is the secondary market?

Click here for the German or Estonian video.

In this video, we talk about our Secondary Market feature which you can find on your Dashboard. This is the meeting place where investors can sell and buy loans, they might do this as part of a unique investment strategy or to liquidate a loan before maturity.

Bondora secondary market view

When selling your loans, remember that you can set your own mark-up, discount* or even leave it at face value. From the “Reports” tab on your account menu, you can easily generate a report for all of your secondary market activities so you can keep track of your secondary market investments separately.

If you would like us to cover something in our weekly videos series, leave us a comment below and let us know.

*When you sell a loan or portfolio with a discount, this can have a significant impact on your overall net return.

Simpler and better Add/Withdraw funds options

The video can also be watched in Estonian and is subtitled in German. Click on the links to get to the videos.

Last week we made lots of usability improvements to our Add/Withdraw funds functionality and views. Our „Add funds“ and „Withdraw funds“ features are now better positioned on your Dashboard for easy access and both pages are more clear and usable. They are both located on the left-hand side of your Dashboard menu.

Add and withdraw funds from Bondora

You’ll find the green „Add funds“ button left-hand side menu which takes you to a page with a new outlook that is user friendly with four deposit options – Trustly, Visa/Mastercard, SEPA and TransferWise. You will also notice that all four payment options have separate directs links just under the „Add funds“ button.

The „Withdraw funds“ also has a page of its own and you can get there from the Dashboard left-side menu.

Direct sell fees removed, weekly finance news and June’s origination summary


We’re removing all fees from the Direct Sell feature

We’re helping investors get closer to their goal of a great return by removing the Direct Sell fee. Investors can use this feature to sell individual loans and entire portfolios to other investors or even consolidate their holdings.

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Weekly industry news roundup – July 10, 2017

Altfi published a piece looking at various emerging trends in finance.
CreditEase, a fintech company based in China, released an article discussing some of the most groundbreaking companies working in the fintech space today.
CrowdFund Insider discussed recent moves from The European Investment bank Group (EIB) to fund SMEs via crowdlending.
CXO Today had an interesting take on the emergence of P2P lending in India.
CrowdFund Insider released data that The Netherlands raised nearly €100 million in crowdfunding during the first 6 months of 2017.

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Monthly origination summary for June 2017

June’s originations came in at €2,778,332, outpacing the months of February and May. “AA,” “A,” and “B” loans together represent 25.94% of originations whereas “HR” and “F” loans together hold 26.34% of the total. This polarizing effect might indicate that the loan originations are driven more by what’s available rather than pure investor risk tolerance.

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Fintech Award nomination, finance industry news and new notification feature


We’ve been nominated by the European Fintech Awards 2017

We’re proud to announce that we have been nominated by the European Fintech Awards for best Alternative Finance site and we need your help! We’re asking our users to help out by voting for us. All you need to do is visit our nomination page and click “Vote Bondora.” It’s that easy!

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Weekly industry news roundup – July 3, 2017

Forbes published an article which touched on the “shift from individual to institutional lending” in the peer-to-peer lending world.
Born2Invest offered a quick overview for first-time investors seeking to grow their savings with peer to peer investing.
Newsmax released a piece looking at how the „CHOICE act“ in the U.S. is helping to give fintech companies a boost. Startups and small businesses will have easier access to the capital they need for growing.
Nasdaq released an article exploring alternative ways to hedge against a downturn.
On a lighter topic, The BBC penned a whimsical article offering tips on being more charming and explained its influence on finance decisions.

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Check out our new notification feature

We released a new notification feature so you can have the latest news on changes and updates at Bondora. This will be a fast and easy way for us to keep you informed of things like platform updates, upcoming events, news, campaigns, and of course newest investment opportunities.

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Bondora portfolio update, common myths of P2P lending and finance news


Bondora portfolio performance – June 2017

On yesterdays portfolio performance overview, we saw that the realized returns for 2017 have had a strong start so far, with 19.80% for Q1. The early Q1 indicators for this year suggest we’re on track to deliver a fourth consecutive year of improved total realised net returns.

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Weekly industry news roundup – June 26, 2017

American Banker published a piece suggesting that marketplace lenders should refrain from attempting to replicate the practices of traditional banks.
Lend Academy took an interesting look at the state of marketplace lending in Japan.
INC. took a look at Amazon’s growing presence in the marketplace lending world. The monolithic company started lending in 2011 and “has surpassed $3 billion in loans to small businesses.”
Nasdaq reviewed which loans can help expand a small business. The article is a good introductory guide to what a small business will need in preparing to apply for a loan.
The Huffington Post article splits apart different sectors of the alternatiive lending market and examines how each has grown in recent years.
German article by Deutsche Handwerks Zeitung cited Bondora among alternative financial services that enable borrowing or lending money without turning to banks.

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Myths and misconceptions about P2P lending

In this post we looked at the most common myths and misconceptions about P2P lending:

  • P2P lending is an unregulated “Free for All”
  • P2P lending is dangerous because you don’t know who you’re lending to
  • Measuring risk adequately in P2P lending is impossible
  • P2P lending and traditional banks are at war

For each myth, we explain why they are incorrect misrepresentations of the P2P lending market.

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