Platform Updates

Improvements to the loan data verification process

Platform Updates

This week we will change the way the loan process will work to make the process faster and easier for borrowers and also reduce the amount of time investors’ funds can be reserved in investments that in the end get cancelled.

What will change in the process:

  1. We will make an instant offer to borrowers once they have provided their information. Loans will go directly to market after the offer is accepted.
  2. We will start the full identification process immediately after a loan offer is accepted and loan analysts will prioritize applications that have received or are about to receive funding first.
  3. If differences are found during our analysis in for example income compared to those reported by the borrower, then loan application is cancelled and investors’ funds released.

Since we’ll start the identification process immediately, the entire process will become faster. As a result investors’ funds will be released faster from the applications where borrowers fail to provide the necessary documentation.

Additionally, we will start showing released funds from cancelled applications separately from repaid loans.

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Introducing the Investor Dashboard

Platform Updates

This week we are introducing an Investor Dashboard which will give you an easy at-a-glance overview of your portfolio and its performance. Each section also has a link to a more detailed report in regards to the respective data.

The actionable buttons in the middle section will give you direct access to main pages on our platform so it will be quick and easy to invest your available funds, find an answer to your question from investment guide or add more funds.

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