Go & Grow Unlimited

Bondora video

Exciting news! We’ve just released a brand-new product you can use to reach more of your investment goals. Introducing, Go & Grow Unlimited!

With Go & Grow Unlimited, you’ll enjoy the same Go & Grow experience that you know and love, such as lower risk and faster liquidity. The difference is, you can invest any amount with no monthly cap while earning a return rate of up to 2% per annum.

To get started, log in at bondora.com. Set up your Unlimited account and invest any amount to start earning returns. Your regular Go & Grow account will continue as usual and operates separately from your Unlimited account.

Start today and invest without limits with Go & Grow Unlimited!

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**Currently, Go & Grow Unlimited is an exclusive offer that is only available to a limited number of investors. Want to invest with Go & Grow Unlimited now? Contact our support team by completing the contact form found here, and we will get you set up!