Meet the Bondorians – Narek, our SEO and digital marketing specialist

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What do you do at Bondora?

Hi! I’m Narek.


I am an SEO and digital marketing specialist here at Bondora. I started my SEO journey more than ten years ago when the internet was booming, and Google wasn’t that smart yet. I started building links for a Swedish company based in Tallinn.

The next step was to understand how Google treats and ranks websites so I could make sure our future customers could find us.

What’s your story?

I traveled to the US for the first time when I was 19. It was a work and travel program, organized by the US embassy in Armenia. I loved it and decided to move there when I finished university. Even though my parents where against, I moved to the US in 2001 and stayed for five years.

mountain skiing

Before working at Wells Fargo bank, I did many different jobs, including a supermarket clerk; seven-eleven, etc. I was living in Vail, Colorado, close to Beaver Creek which is a famous ski resort worldwide. After two years of snow, cold and lots of interesting people, I decided I wanted to move to somewhere tropical like Los Angeles and then Vegas.

This is where I met my future wife, and my American dream was over as she moved back to Estonia – shortly after, so did I!

What do you do outside of work for fun?

After work I like to spend time with my kids, mainly biking and playing football. Football is my biggest passion and of course hobby. Football is everywhere in my daily life; I play, I watch, I train and watch again when my son plays. My favorite team is Barcelona, and my favorite player is, of course, Messi. I have been to many famous matches around the world, but the most iconic was Barcelona VS Real Madrid which they call El Clásico. This is the best game on the planet!!! I was lucky enough to see the Messi VS Ronaldo rivalry on the pitch!


What’s your favorite thing about Bondora?

The team events! I have missed a couple of events due to traveling, but the last one was amazing. It was on a small Estonian island called Viirelaid – the weather was perfect, we had loads of activities and lots of team building.