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Originations Continue to Increase for the 6th Consecutive Month

Market & Pricing

The originations keep on rolling in 2021! In June, originations totaled €11,036,285—a 5.9% growth rate when compared to May. This is the sixth consecutive month that Bondora originations continue to increase. This consistent growth is in line with our vision for the future, on the road to 1 billion. Country breakdown The share of originations…

How to change your password

Bondora video

Keeping track of passwords can be tough, especially if you have multiple accounts, each with a different password. So, if you enter the wrong password when trying to log in to your Bondora account, you will receive the error message “Username and password did not match.” But don’t worry! If you need to change it,…

isePankur has rebranded as Bondora


We are glad to welcome you at Bondora, a new international trademark for isePankur. isePankur’s rapid development in the past 5 years left no room for the brand to accommodate our cross-border expansion. Like isePankur, Bondora continues to be a platform where you can invest into loans, previously accessible to banks and large financial institutions…

Recovery rates for different debt-to-income levels

Collection & Recovery

Some of the investors have enquired about the differences in recovery rates for different levels of debt-to-income. To explore this topic, we took a look at different timeframes (2011, 2012, 2013) and  discovered a tendency for no visible negative affect of the DTI level on recovery rates.* The chart below shows all recoveries and re-performing…