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Add money directly to your chosen Go & Grow account

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Did you know you can add money directly to your Go & Grow account? That means your money goes straight into your chosen investment account, and you don’t need to transfer it from Wallet. Keep watching to see how to do it. When using lightning-fast SEPA payments to add money to your chosen Go &…

Bondora Merch Giveaway!


We know how much you love and want our blue hoodie, so we have decided to give away 3 SETS of Bondora merchandise! Read on to see how to enter: To make this giveaway even better for you, the set includes much more than just our hoodie 😉 There are 7 items in total! You could be…

Bondora Highlights from Q3 2022


At Bondora, we are One Team, and we believe in working hard, and celebrating hard. Each highlight, no matter how small, should be celebrated. Especially when it will help make the world around us a better place, or when we work together as a team to make magic happen. Here are some of the highlights…

VIDEO: Weekly summary – December 21, 2016

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POSTS FROM PAST WEEK Loan funding per channel for November Yesterday we shared our monthly update of inflows from the Portfolio Manager and the API interface. In November the Portfolio Manager represented 92.7% of investment inflows. The API interface ended at 7.3% of inflows. Read more about it Weekly industry news roundup – December 19,…

Loan funding per channel for November 2016

Market & Pricing

November is the first month in which the manual investing feature was not available to users. The Portfolio Manager continues to be the most popular option for investors given its ease of use and automation. In November the Portfolio Manager represented 92.7% of investment inflows. The API interface ended at 7.3% of inflows. This is…

Weekly industry news roundup – December 19, 2016

Finance Tips

Around the world On Wednesday CrowdFund Insider published an article on comments from Fitch Ratings regarding the recent decisions from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). Fitch noted that any FinTech company choosing to pursue a charter would experience increased regulation and capital requirements. These responsibilities, in turn, may impact earnings. In…

Register and login on Bondora with your Google account


The Bondora interface is designed for easy use and fast execution. Therefore, we have made it easier than ever to get started by using your Google account to register a Bondora account. In this brief overview we’ll look at the steps to become a Bondora member. Register with your Google account Step 1. On Bondora…

Investment strategies of the Portfolio Manager


Choosing a Portfolio Manager strategy is the most critical decision a Bondora user will make. In this post we will look at the underlying characteristics of the various investment strategies, which range from “Ultra-Conservative” to “Opportunistic.” Risk tolerance and expected loss rates The Portfolio Manager page features three default settings, “Conservative,” “Balanced” and “Progressive.” However,…

VIDEO: Weekly summary – December 14, 2016

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POSTS FROM PAST WEEK Performance of recovery process – December 2016 Yesterday we provided our monthly update on the performance of recovery efforts. Estonia’s loan recoveries showed the strongest performance (75%) since Q3 of 2015. Spain and Slovakia each decreased compared to Q2 of 2016. The average recovery among all four countries is just over…

Performance of recovery process – December 2016

Collection & Recovery

KEY TAKEAWAYS Estonia’s loan recoveries improved showing the strongest performance (75%) since Q3 of 2015. This also outpaces the past year average of 64% ranging from Q4 of 2015 to Q3 of 2016. Finland also experienced a dramatic increase in recoveries. The 90% is well above every quarter since Q1 of 2014. This represents an…

Weekly industry news roundup – December 12, 2016

Finance Tips

AROUND THE WORLD On Saturday Crowdfund Insider reported on new communication from Moody’s regarding the recent decision to grant bank charters to FinTech firms. According to the statements Moody’s believes the move will reduce inherent legal risks involved in the origination process. Nasdaq posted an article on Friday about emerging rules for Chinese P2P lenders….

Understanding the risks of investing in Secondary Market


Remain consistent with your risk tolerance The most important aspect of investing should occur before you buy anything. Before investing in a loan or committing to the Portfolio Manager tool, you should first determine your risk tolerance. After that, it is important to make sure that your investment activities are consistent with the investment strategy/risk…

Monitoring loans with customized Repayments report


The Reports page of the Bondora interface offers a host of customizable data so users can manage their investments. The “Repayments” report allows investors to monitor how well borrowers are fulfilling their obligations. The only input required to generate a report is a start and end date. Users can then download a CSV file to their desktop….