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Do You Really Need an Emergency Fund?

Finance Tips

Yes, you really do. It can’t be overstated: having an emergency fund is one of the most important financial decisions you can make. Before you think about investing or putting your money at risk, you would be wise to ensure your security with an emergency fund in the case of an extraordinary event. Think you…

Investing from outside the EEA

Bondora video

If you live in a country outside the European Economic Area, you may be wondering if you are eligible to invest with Bondora. In general, we do not provide investment services for residents outside the EEA, Switzerland, or the UK. But, with every rule, there can be exceptions. If you reside in an approved country…

Claus has invested over €13,000 at Bondora

Bondora Heroes

Today we’d like you to meet Claus. Claus is one of the people who started investing with Bondora in 2012. He is from Germany and is an experienced peer-to-peer lending and crowdinvesting blogger, who provides interested investors with the industry news and resources. Being lead to Bondora by his previous experience with different peer-lending sites, his…

Meet Kristi, an investor at Bondora

Bondora Heroes

We would like to introduce you to Kristi, an investor at Bondora. Kristi is one of the thousands of people who started investing with Bondora in 2012. She lives in Estonia and is an English and Economics teacher by profession who also invests her time into volunteer work. Kristi originally started investing at Bondora because…

Investors’ questions to our CEO Pärtel Tomberg

Collection & Recovery

Our investors had a possibility to ask our CEO Pärtel Tomberg any question, which they found important about our product and the company on our Facebook page. We thank you all for the meaningful questions. Please find Pärtel’s answers below. Q1 Dear Pärtel Running a peer-to-peer lending site is definitely a hard thing to do. Every day…

€20M issued and 21.5% return earned on mature investments

Market & Pricing

Today we are speaking about Bondora portfolio returns and introducing the changes, requested by the investment community. Please scroll down for more information. New Bondora milestones We are happy to announce that Bondora has reached 2 new milestones: 20 million EUR issued in loans to borrowers 2.6 million EUR paid out in interest to investors…

P2P Finance Association definition of default rates

Collection & Recovery

On June 18th P2P Finance Association announced that their members will be using a standard way to calculate default rates to help consumers compare the performance of the portfolios on different platforms. In short, the new standards consider a loan default when it has been overdue for at least 120 days. You can read more…

What happens if a loan defaults?

Collection & Recovery

The Peer-to-Peer Finance Association (P2PFA) guidelines consider that a loan defaults after any portion of the loan is not repaid after 120 days following the original loan repayment date. We have a more conservative approach and consider a loan defaulted when a borrower has missed a scheduled payment by more than 60 days (or, in other…

What is default rate and recovery rate?

Collection & Recovery

Today we are writing about the default rate and the recovery rate of the defaulted loans. How is the default rate calculated? Some of you have asked us different questions about the default rate. In order to answer them, we first need to give a definition of the default rate. In our case, a loan…

How to set up a portfolio manager?

Collection & Recovery

If you are new to Bondora, it may be unclear how to set up your first portfolio manager. Should there be more than one portfolio manager? What criteria should you select? What does “portfolio limit” mean? Today we will explain what to look for when setting up your portfolio manager and start your automated investments….

Risk diversification and loan offer limits for investors


Low diversification leads to higher risks Loan diversification, as mentioned before, is one of the main investment strategies in peer-lending to reduce investment risks. Even though it is possible to invest manually without any limits, it is always recommended to diversify between a number of loans, making small investments into each. For example: if you…

Bondora is now regulated by the FCA


We are happy to announce that Bondora has now received a peer-to-peer lending license from the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA-supervised peer-to-peer lending license is the only license available in Europe, which subjects peer-lenders to regulatory oversight. Bondora is one of a few peer-lenders currently operating under such license. The interim license increases…