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The Fintech News You Need to Know

Finance Tips

Let’s look at all the biggest headlines in the fintech world. The German challenger bank N26 continues to grow, Stripe and Klarna sign a new partnership that cements their influence in online payments, and Visa comes under fire from the US Department of Justice. Read all the latest fintech news here: The United States investigates…

Something(s) to Celebrate 🌟


November is known to be the gloomiest month in Estonia. But as the days became darker, we Bondorians decided to focus on the bright side. Here are some of our recent highlights and milestone moments. Take a look to see what we’re celebrating. Over €500 million invested We celebrated an extraordinary milestone in October: we…

Bondora Originations Nearly Doubled in October

Market & Pricing

In October, originations nearly doubled! €18,291,824 was originated on Bondora, making October the second consecutive month of origination growth. This growth was led by the solid Finnish market and the continued reintroduction of Spanish originations. Country breakdown Compared to September, originations were higher by 48.7%, bringing the total value of loan originations to €18,291,824. Finnish…

Bondora is now regulated by the FCA


We are happy to announce that Bondora has now received a peer-to-peer lending license from the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA-supervised peer-to-peer lending license is the only license available in Europe, which subjects peer-lenders to regulatory oversight. Bondora is one of a few peer-lenders currently operating under such license. The interim license increases…

isePankur has rebranded as Bondora


We are glad to welcome you at Bondora, a new international trademark for isePankur. isePankur’s rapid development in the past 5 years left no room for the brand to accommodate our cross-border expansion. Like isePankur, Bondora continues to be a platform where you can invest into loans, previously accessible to banks and large financial institutions…

Recovery rates for different debt-to-income levels

Collection & Recovery

Some of the investors have enquired about the differences in recovery rates for different levels of debt-to-income. To explore this topic, we took a look at different timeframes (2011, 2012, 2013) and  discovered a tendency for no visible negative affect of the DTI level on recovery rates.* The chart below shows all recoveries and re-performing…