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5 Signs You’re Ready to Start Investing

Finance Tips

How do you know you’re ready to start investing? Is it when you start working? When you need to save for a deposit on a house? Knowing when to start investing can lead to a big question mark for many people. Since every person’s situation is unique, there’s no exact right time to start investing….

Go & Grow Forecast

Bondora video

Do you want to see into your investment future? Well, we don’t have a crystal ball, but we do have a tool that can help. With the Go & Grow Forecast, you can take a sneak-peak into what a year or more of investing may bring. You can access the Go & Grow Forecast in…

New 2022 High: Over €15M Originated & Invested

Market & Pricing

In April, both originations and investment funding grew strong and set new highs for 2022. Loan originations increased by 7.2% to €15,697,955 and investments by 7.3% to €15,548,882. Take a closer look at how the figures increased from March. The total value of investments trumped the previous 2022 record high. A total of €15,548,882 was…

We have streamlined the Primary and Secondary Market


We are happy to bring you the latest improvements to our Primary and Secondary Market requested by our investors. PRIMARY MARKET On our Primary Market investors can hand-pick loans and make manual investments. It consists of loan applications that are available for investors to invest in during the auction. A successful auction results in the…

EY FinTech adoption index: Financial technology makes life easier

Finance Tips

In September 2015 EY did an interesting survey about Financial technology adoption. UK was the only European country surveyed but we believe that majority of the results are universal to Europe and many other parts of the world. EY surveyed more than 10,000 digitally active people in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Kingdom…

It’s a wrap – thanks for the great 2015!


It’s been another action-packed year here at Bondora. We want to thank everyone for being part and making our community of 12,242 investors and 243,062 borrowers. We had quite a few memorable moments this year and here is a selection we wanted to highlight for you. Happy holidays and enjoy the highlights! In 2015: We…

2016 P2P lending industry trends by Bondora

Finance Tips

The peer-to-peer lending market is looking for another massive growth from 2016, but before holiday season kicks in, we here at Bondora have decided to dig deeper to see what will be the underlying trends shaping the surging industry in the new year. Institutional money We have started to see first signs of institutional investments coming…

Portfolio Manager and dashboard get a facelift


In October we launched our new dashboard and Portfolio Manager. Since then we have polished the interface according to your feedback and we are happy to reveal two improvements. Upgraded design of the Portfolio Manager We have replaced the slider with three separate sections of the risk-return choices. The design is much more convenient now…

Bondora has applied for full authorization from UK’s FCA


In May this year, we received a peer-to-peer lending interim license from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This means that Bondora has adopted the gold standard for Europe that is designed by authorities who are keen to promote and support alternative finance through clear and fair systems. The FCA implemented their regulations in 2014…

Investor talk with Jaak Roosaare

Bondora Heroes

Dear Readers. We are happy to launch our new investor talk series here on the blog, where you can read about the experience and investment philosophies of Bondora investors. First up is an Estonian Jaak Roosaare. What are you up to today? I consider myself mainly an investor and a financial author/blogger. I also help to…

AltFi Awards 2015 recognizes Bondora


This year Bondora was honored with the Runner up award in Alternative Finance Platform of the Year (EU) 2015. “This award is proof of the hard work our team has been doing over the past years in building up a loan origination, credit scoring and servicing process that works across borders. We are also proud…

Bondora API Sandbox renewal


Recently we announced the release of Bondora API (Application Program Interface) that has been up and running for testing. We received a lot of great feedback and in the end of this week we are planning to roll out an updated version of the API to fulfill the requests. We spoke with our Head of…