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August 2023: Over €15M for Investment Funding and Originations

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The growth that kickstarted in July has continued into August, with increases across the board. Loan originations, as well as investment product funding, totaled over €15M each in August. Cash recoveries and collection efforts also increased to over €1M. Here are more stats from August: 1,404 new investors joined Bondora in August. In the same…

Bondora Named a Top 200 Global Fintech by CNBC

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CNBC, a world leader in business news, has announced its top 200 fintech companies worldwide. And this year, Bondora features on this prestigious list. We’re thrilled and honored to be listed among fintech legends like Revolut, PayPal, Klarna, and more. Working with Statista, a respected market research and data analytics company, CNBC shared the list…

Lifestyle Creep: How to Avoid Falling Prey to It

Financial Well-being

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s not uncommon to see people constantly upgrading their lifestyles as their incomes increase. This phenomenon is known as ‘lifestyle creep’ or ‘lifestyle inflation.’ While it may seem like a natural progression to indulge in finer things as you gain more money, succumbing to lifestyle creep can have serious financial consequences…

How to set up a portfolio manager?

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If you are new to Bondora, it may be unclear how to set up your first portfolio manager. Should there be more than one portfolio manager? What criteria should you select? What does “portfolio limit” mean? Today we will explain what to look for when setting up your portfolio manager and start your automated investments….

Risk diversification and loan offer limits for investors

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Low diversification leads to higher risks Loan diversification, as mentioned before, is one of the main investment strategies in peer-lending to reduce investment risks. Even though it is possible to invest manually without any limits, it is always recommended to diversify between a number of loans, making small investments into each. For example: if you…

Bondora is now regulated by the FCA

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We are happy to announce that Bondora has now received a peer-to-peer lending license from the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA-supervised peer-to-peer lending license is the only license available in Europe, which subjects peer-lenders to regulatory oversight. Bondora is one of a few peer-lenders currently operating under such license. The interim license increases…

isePankur has rebranded as Bondora

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We are glad to welcome you at Bondora, a new international trademark for isePankur. isePankur’s rapid development in the past 5 years left no room for the brand to accommodate our cross-border expansion. Like isePankur, Bondora continues to be a platform where you can invest into loans, previously accessible to banks and large financial institutions…

Recovery rates for different debt-to-income levels

Stats & Data

Some of the investors have enquired about the differences in recovery rates for different levels of debt-to-income. To explore this topic, we took a look at different timeframes (2011, 2012, 2013) and  discovered a tendency for no visible negative affect of the DTI level on recovery rates.* The chart below shows all recoveries and re-performing…