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🙋‍♀️ Top 5 Questions in September – Answered!


Hi there, I’m Lisette from Bondora’s Investor Relations team. Every month, we round up all the most-asked questions we received from investors in one blog post. You can find all the answers to these top questions right here. It’s just another way we provide first-class customer service.  Let’s go through the top 5 questions we received from…

Add money directly to your chosen Go & Grow account

Bondora video

Did you know you can add money directly to your Go & Grow account? That means your money goes straight into your chosen investment account, and you don’t need to transfer it from Wallet. Keep watching to see how to do it. When using lightning-fast SEPA payments to add money to your chosen Go &…

Bondora Merch Giveaway!


We know how much you love and want our blue hoodie, so we have decided to give away 3 SETS of Bondora merchandise! Read on to see how to enter: To make this giveaway even better for you, the set includes much more than just our hoodie 😉 There are 7 items in total! You could be…

2022 Q2: Loan Portfolio Performing Well

Market & Pricing

June marked the end of Q2, so in this blog post, we can have the first look at the new quarter’s performance. Overall, it looks positive, with stability and growth for most markets. Although the yearly return rate decreased slightly, it is still far performing well ahead of its target rates. The last 10 quarters…

What Is Euribor and Why You Should Care About It

Finance Tips

Euribor, or Euro Interbank Offered Rate, is the average interest rate a group of European banks charges other banks to borrow money. Euribor rates are used as an index or reference rate across financial industries that use the euro, impacting everything from savings accounts and home and car loans to more complex derivatives trading instruments….

2022 Q2: Go & Grow Portfolio Review


If you’re interested in how Go & Grow works, this article is perfect for you. We do our best to share valuable information about what makes Go & Grow successful: its portfolio distribution. Below, we go into detail about how the claims added to Go & Grow are distributed, the most common ratings, the most…

78,972 Loans Recovered in June

Collection & Recovery

As expected, June’s cashflow figures are lower than May’s, which skyrocketed due to the sale of old, defaulted loans from the Estonian market. Our cash recovery decreased by 63.0% to €815,746. But in contrast, the number of recovered loans increased by 3.4% to 78,972 loans recovered. Read more: Overall, in June, we recovered a total…

Why Are the Markets in Free Fall?

Finance Tips

The first half of 2022 has proven a tough time for the stock market, investors, and publicly traded companies. After years of double-digit returns and high-flying times for tech stocks, the markets are finally experiencing a reckoning – and it’s proving to be exceedingly painful so far. Many investors want to know what’s behind the…

A Brief Overview of June’s Statistics


June 2022 proved to be a quieter month, which we’ve come to expect as summer holiday expenses tend to take preference over most other financial obligations. But, despite declines overall, we expect them to pick up again soon. Loan originations and investments decreased to €12,913,190. There were declines in Secondary Market activity and cash recoveries,…

5 highlights from 2022 thus far

Bondora video

If you can believe it, we are halfway through the year! Like with any goal, it’s essential to monitor our progress to ensure that we are on track for success. So much has happened already, and there is a lot to be proud of. Here are 5 highlights from 2022 thus far. We released a…

Wanted: Engineering Managers


We have multiple engineering teams with exceptional individuals, but there’s one piece missing from the puzzle: we need dedicated Engineering Managers to lead those teams to excellence. If you’re excited about joining a hyper-growth phase fintech that’s going to help people build better financial futures, then read on: The job in a nutshell: As an…

June: Decline in Secondary Market Activity

Market & Pricing

As has become quite normal, Secondary Market activity decreased after increasing the previous month. Activity decreased by 24.0% to a total of €138,878 transacted. Manual transactions still have the largest share of all transactions (49.2%), which equals €68,345. Read more: In June, all three categories decreased, with Portfolio Manager dropping the most (-30.8%) from May….

On the Right Side of the Law – Meet Mihkel Kivisalu


Here at Bondora, we have a legal team of experts that ensures we dot our i’s and cross our t’s in exactly the right way. And one member of that vital team is Mihkel Kivisalu, Bondora Lawyer, and our 23rd Bondora Superhero. Keep reading to learn more about Mihkel’s life in and outside the office….