New dashboard and portfolio manager for our retail investors

We have great news for you this week – with excitement we are introducing our new dashboard and automated investment tool. Over the years Bondora has consistently delivered industry leading double digit returns to investors. With this new chapter in our story we will continue working hard to make investing a joyful experience. “The new … Continue reading “New dashboard and portfolio manager for our retail investors”

Who are the customers of alternative finance?

Traditional financial institutions do not serve the customer well when it comes to borrowing. In consumer borrowing, mainstream financial service providers tend to lack flexibility – not only in their opening hours, but in taking a very vertical view of a potential customer. This produces by necessity a black and white view – ‘good customers’ … Continue reading “Who are the customers of alternative finance?”

Recommended reading

Private investors Lars Wrobbel and Kolja Barghoorn have published a new book “Investieren in P2P-privatkredite” (Investing in P2P-lending). The book is mostly targeted for investors offering an overview of the opportunities that peer-to-peer lending offers. It encourages readers to get started by offering insights into P2P future analysis and strategies for a good profit. In … Continue reading “Recommended reading”

Big banks eye alternative finance

It is over twenty years since Bill Gates famously said, “Banking is essential, banks are not”, and now it has started to happen — traditional banking in the US could very soon lose $11 billion to alternative finance every year according to Goldman Sachs. Many old banks want a piece of the alternative finance growth … Continue reading “Big banks eye alternative finance”

Follow-up on the Collection Process overview

Our latest blogpost on collection process received a lot of attention. We gathered together the most hot comments and highlighted the answers in a separate post. Why is the success fee % so high in Estonia? In Estonia we are testing 4 DCAs to understand if higher collection fees offered by some of them will … Continue reading “Follow-up on the Collection Process overview”

Gross profits earned by Investors on Bondora

There was a recent discussion on the profitability of investments on Bondora; thus, we have decided to provide a detailed breakdown of the interest amounts paid out to Investors across all our markets. The information is covering the period since the inception of the company to September 24, 2015, and includes a) loan origination amount, b) interest paid … Continue reading “Gross profits earned by Investors on Bondora”

Collection process overview

We have received numerous questions about the changes to the collection process that we introduced earlier this year. In order to address those, we have compiled a detailed overview of the collection process for both delinquent and charged-off loans. Process overview Bondora has developed a standardized, largely automated collection process that is used across all markets … Continue reading “Collection process overview”

Platform Update: New legal structure comes into force tonight

We are happy to announce that today at midnight we will roll-out the new bankruptcy-remote legal structure. As mentioned in our previous blog post, the new structure is suitable for EU and non-EU investors, both natural and legal entities (incl. non-financial legal entities). After the roll-out, the loan agreements shall be concluded between the borrower and Bondora, and … Continue reading “Platform Update: New legal structure comes into force tonight”

Platfrom Update: Bondora API Sandbox is Up and Running!

We are proud to announce that Bondora API (Application Program Interface) Sandbox environment is up and running. People interested in the API now can access the documentation and start implementing their client applications. The Sandbox is a test environment that emulates the behaviour of the production API. This means that the auctions are not real and making bids into auctions is … Continue reading “Platfrom Update: Bondora API Sandbox is Up and Running!”

Advancing Bondora to the Next Level: Platform Upgrades Coming this Fall

We finished the last year on a major improvement to Bondora; we introduced Bondora Rating and risk-based pricing to make investing across multiple markets easier, more transparent and more consistent. This change was imminent to accommodate the new investors, who did not have or were not willing to develop the sophistication of early adopters, but … Continue reading “Advancing Bondora to the Next Level: Platform Upgrades Coming this Fall”