Performance of recovery process – July 2017

Collection & Recovery



  • Finland experienced a mild increase in past year average recovery performance moving up to 47% from 45% last month.
  • Other performance changes were mostly mild with the average across all countries dropping to 49% from 52%.
  • Slovakia saw the largest drop in performance dipping down to 57% from 75% as seen in last month’s measurement.
  • The larger trend remains positive. Total average recoveries for 2016 to date of 49% still hover above those of 2014 and 2015.


Estonia, Finland and Spain all continue to exhibit relatively stable recoveries as seen by their low standard deviation since Q1 of 2015. For example, the total 2016 averages for each country have not moved more than 6 percentage points since last month. Moreover, for 2017 the total past year averages for Estonia, Finland and Spain have not dropped more than 3 percentage points. The one exception to this characteristic is Slovakia with a drop of 18 percentage points. Higher recovery fluctuations  for Slovakia mostly stem from the fact that the total recovery transaction amounts are significantly smaller and thus changes have greater effect on the recovery rates. However, it’s still possible that the 2015 to 2016 increasing trend of recoveries for the country will continue as 2017 matures.

Quarter2014 Q12014 Q22014 Q32014 Q42015 Q12015 Q22015 Q32015 Q42016 Q12016 Q22016 Q32016 Q42017 Q1
Estonia53%67%73%74%98%70%47%56%52%68%69%64% 52%
Finland40%61%36%54%62%57%18%20%30%51%66%34% 55%
SpainN/A18%18%19%30%27%28%33%27%59%32%13% 24%
SlovakiaN/AN/A4%9%27%12%50%41%77%146%20%34% 9%

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