Performance of recovery process – November 2016

Collection & Recovery

Let’s have a look at the monthly results for loan recoveries at Bondora.


  • Estonia experienced a small increase in recoveries reaching 69% compared to 67% last month. This marks a continued upward trend which started in Q3 of 2015.
  • Finland saw a modest decline in recoveries hitting 72% compared to 83% seen last month. However, the performance for the month is the second highest for the country in the last three consecutive quarters.
  • Many of the figures say more about the strength of recoveries in September rather than weakness in October. Spain also dipped with 118% compared to 133%. Slovakia, while still very strong reached 429% compared to 548% last month.
  • All countries showed a significant increase in recoveries compared to the previous quarter totals for 2016.


Recoveries in each country for the month represent, at minimum, 2/3 value of the principal. Investors in Spain and Slovakia have experienced greater than 100% principal recovery for two consecutive months. Our increasingly robust litigation efforts in Spain are showing results as the 118% recovery is a dramatic improvement over just 30% for the same quarter in 2015. The data in the table below is as of 08.11.2016.

Quarter2014 Q12014 Q22014 Q32014 Q42015 Q12015 Q22015 Q32015 Q42016 Q12016 Q2

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