Performance of recovery process – September 2017

Collection & Recovery


  • Compared to August, the total average recoveries in each country have dipped slightly. However, the total average of all the countries combined is 42% only a nominal drop from the comparable 44% seen last month.
  • We have seen some spots of improvement as recovery efforts come to fruition. Estonia, for example, has seen a one percent improvement in the Q3 figures for 2016. Meanwhile, Finland saw mild improvement in Q4, 2016 and 2014 total average performance gaining one percentage point in both areas. Finally, Slovakia saw a one percent increase in recoveries in Q1 of this year.
  • Lacking improvement in recoveries may come from the possibility that recovery from these loans are nearing their maximum potential. For example, the total average figures for 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, so far are all comparable at 44%, 48%, 40% and 42% respectively.


Despite the drop in recovery rates in recent quarters the overall recoveries over the last several years is stable between 40% and 48%. Moreover, the transparency of the Bondora interface gives investors the tools necessary to make informed decisions about risk.

Quarter2014 Q12014 Q22014 Q32014 Q42015 Q12015 Q22015 Q32015 Q42016 Q12016 Q22016 Q32016 Q42017 Q12017 Q2

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