Performance of recovery process – January 2017

Collection & Recovery


  • Estonia’s loan recoveries have slightly dipped during the past month for period before 2016 but still showing an overall upward trend in 2016. The past years average, from Q4 of 2015 to Q3 of 2016, Estonian loan recovery is still hovering near 64%.
  • Finlands loan recoveries saw slight increases for Q3 and Q4 of 2014, but the past years average has decreased 5 basis, from 52% to 47%, compared to a month ago.
  • The average recoveries for Spanish and Slovakian loans continued to decrease for the period of 2015 and forward, with recoveries of 42% and 84% respectively. Still past years averages are showing better performances with 50% for Spanish and 122% for Slovakian loans.


Despite the slight decreases in the past couple of months, the overall recovery levels have been quite stable for Estonia’s and Finlands loan recoveries. Spanish and Slovakian loan recoveries are also showing improved numbers across 2016, which aligns with our increased efforts in improving and optimizing the collection process for the past year. The data in the table below is as of 10.01.2016.

Quarter2014 Q12014 Q22014 Q32014 Q42015 Q12015 Q22015 Q32015 Q42016 Q12016 Q22016 Q3

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