What were we working on in January? New blog languages, cash flow improvements and more

1) Multilingual blog

You may have already noticed that our blog is now available in 3 languages; English, German and Estonian. This was implemented after we received feedback from our investors that they would like to read our blog in their own native language. Along with this, we are still working on converting the full functionality of our site in to 14 different languages to cater for our geographically diverse investor community.

Bondora multilingual blog

2) Improvements to the Bondora API

Last month, we told you that we were making some improvements to the Bondora API. More specifically, we have now increased the maximum results you can get with one query to 20,000 (although 10,000 will stay as the default value). We also added throttling to requests when the last request for the same user and endpoint has not yet completed. Previously, users were polling the same endpoints and the requests were piled up even in the instance that the last request had not finished, which created an unnecessary load and made the overall API experience slower.

Going forward, we will not add any new queries to the queue if a similar query (from the same user to the same endpoint) is already there.

3) Cash Flow Data

Over the past month, we have made some significant improvements to the cash flow data on your Bondora account. Now, all the data is pre-calculated daily and the page should quickly return monthly and daily overviews regardless of the period you choose. An intra-day view is not pre-calculated and can take more time to load opposed to looking at your portfolio from a higher overview level.

Bondora Cash flow

Please note, the data in overview and month levels are pre-calculated daily and any transactions completed today (such as new sales or purchases) are not reflected until the following day.

4) Mobile-friendly pages

The most commonly used pages including your Dashboard, Menu, Portfolio Manager, Invite Friends tab, Portfolio Pro, Withdraw and Add Funds pages are now ready for easy use on your mobile. We still have plans to perfect the view of the Statistics page and at a later date do the same with the numeric pages such as Cash Flow, Reports, Investments and the Secondary market. Now you can check your Bondora account on the go and with no hassle.

5) Still in progress

Bondora still in progressIn December, we told you that we were working on ensuring the distribution of the debt servicing costs applied to your account for collections is achieved evenly. Currently, the distribution is equal but the equality is achieved over multiple payments (by recording how ‘unfair’ the previous payment was and then correcting it the following time for the customers who received more or less). After we have completed the improvements, such fluctuations with payments will be eliminated. Also, to improve the accuracy of our cash flow forecasting tool we are increasing the precision of the ratios used and splitting overdue loans from current loans in the forecasts.

We’re still working on both of these improvements and will provide you with an update next month.

New Dashboard, Portfolio Manager page and more

Over the past few weeks, the Bondora team have been working hard to improve the layout of some of the most important pages on your investor account. This week, we will be releasing a major update to a few important sections which we will cover below.


Portfolio Manager

Your Portfolio Manager now has its own separate page on your Bondora account. Here, you can adjust your chosen strategy and use our calculator to get an idea of your expected return based on a starting amount, monthly deposit and timeline.

Below this, you will find the ‘Sell loans’ feature which you can use to liquidate your portfolio. For more information on selling your loans, check out our top tip on how to successfully liquidate your portfolio.




The Dashboard has been simplified to show only the most important figures for your portfolio and the latest news from Bondora, including our weekly video in English, German and Estonian.

Account Statement


A common request we have received from our investors lately is to make the account statement page separate for easy viewing. On your cash flow tab, you will now have the option to turn on the account statement option to do exactly this.

The best news?

One of the best things about this update is that you will now find the Dashboard, Portfolio Manager and Invite Friends tab to be mobile and tablet friendly, meaning you can check your Bondora account while on the go with ease.

If you missed the top 5 things we were working on in November, take a look here and see what has changed already.

Remove loans from sale when borrowers make payments

This week we introduced a new feature which allows you to remove your investments from sales when a borrower makes a payment.

One of our investors, Sebastian, reached out to us and told that sometimes the data on loan repayments is not available enough for investors to optimize their portfolios. He wanted a way to remove loans from the Secondary Market at the moment borrowers make any repayments. This option would allow him to not miss out any opportunities when the investments he on sale start reproducing payments.

A new way to auto-manage your portfolio

We thought this feature would be simple yet great improvement for portfolio optimization, so now we’ve now added this into our product. You can use this feature any time you put your investments to sale on Secondary Market.

auto-cancel loan from secondary market

On the Investments page, add investments to sales cart and press the sell button on the top. You will be prompted with a popup where you can see a checkbox called “Cancel item if payment received”. This allows for the auto-cancellation of loans for sale on the Secondary Market if they begin to receive cash flow again.

Why is this useful?

Once you activate the feature, you can be confident that you’re selling loans on the assumption of up-to-date payment information. If any payment is made, the loan will automatically be re-evaluated and cancelled from the Secondary Market sales.

What feature are you missing? Leave us a comment below.

Faster and safer deposits to Bondora with Trustly

Last week we added a new payment method for our investors – Trustly Online Payment. Trustly is a payment method that makes it easy to deposit to Bondora directly from your bank account. It currently supports over 3,300 banks in 29 European countries.

Trustly online payment coverage in Europe

Is it safe to use Trustly?

Yes! Trustly is a licensed payment institution authorized and supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. It uses the highest encryption standard available and never stores any information that can be used to access your bank account.

How to make a deposit to Bondora with Trustly

You don’t need to sign up with Trustly online payment to make deposits and you can complete a secure deposit in 3 easy steps:

  • choose your bank and initiate the payment with your regular online bank credentials;
  • select the account you wish to pay from;
  • confirm the payment with your regular online bank credentials.


Make a deposit with Trustly

Be a Pro, with Portfolio Pro

We are excited to announce the launch of a new feature called “Portfolio Pro”. This has been developed based on the feedback received from the Bondora investor community over the recent months, so we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone.

Bondora Portfolio Pro

What is Portfolio Pro?

Simply put, it is a tool for people who like to have more control over the level of diversification in their investments. You can now use this Pro feature to create a portfolio according to your own rules. For example, you may choose to select loans from specific countries, with different duration and Bondora risk ratings.

Last week, a small number of investors opted in to trial this new feature and this is what they had to say:

This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. Tnx!’ – Daan

‘Good feature!’ – Robert

‘Thank you for this initiative. I would definitely use Portfolio Pro for first market investments if the feature remains free of charge and the API is continued’ – Holger’

How much does it cost?

It’s free! Unlike many other platforms, investing with Bondora is free and using the new Portfolio Pro feature is exactly the same. Enjoy!

What next?

Make sure to have a look at the new section on our support page for an informative guide and some frequently asked questions.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog and check us out on social media, you can be sure you won’t miss out on any future announcements and special updates.

To get started, simply log in, click on the Portfolio Pro link in the menu and get started today!

With thanks from everyone at Bondora!

We’re removing all fees from the Direct Sell feature

Just over a two months ago we released our Direct Sell feature, allowing investors to sell loans directly to other investors from their Investments page. Direct selling also means investors can sell an entire portfolio of loans to other investors or even consolidate their own holdings.

Now we’re making direct selling even easier. Were removing all fees for using this feature.

no fees for direct sell feature

Previously there was a fee associated with all Direct Sell. By removing this cost to investors we’re making it easier than ever to explore the full range of options when investing on Bondora. We believe in empowering investors to earn the best possible return and removing fees is one of the fastest ways to do that.

Check out our new notification feature

At Bondora, we’ve always believed in clear and open communication with our users. This is why we offer easy to access, up to date analytics and customization so you always have what you need.

Today we’re taking that approach one step further.

We have released a new notification feature so you have the latest news on changes and updates at Bondora. This will be a fast, but unobtrusive way for us to keep you informed of things like platform updates, upcoming events, news, campaigns, and of course newest investment opportunities.

You can see all the notifications by clicking on the bell icon on the top right once you’ve logged in. The red dot indicates if new notifications have been added.

Bondora notification feature

Use our notifications to get the most of what we have to offer. As our user base grows, we’re able to create greater functionality and broader investment opportunities for users. Also, be sure to share feedback at any time. We’re always looking for ways to improve the platform and put more ownership in the hands of our users.

Sell loans from one investor to another with our new Direct Sell feature

Yesterday we talked about selling multiple investments as one portfolio. Today we’ll introduce another feature which is closely related to that. The new feature allows investors to sell loans directly to other investors. The feature opens up a wider offering of investments for our users. With this feature an you can also bundle several loans together and sell an entire portfolio. Here are two instances where our investors may want to use the direct sell feature:

  • An investor may reach an agreement with another investor to sell their loans. In this case the investors have already agreed on the terms of the sale before arranging the transaction.
  • Some investors may use direct selling to consolidate their holdings. Some users who began as private investors may find the feature useful when grouping their investments into a company account. This essentially works as portfolio transfer.

Selling directly to another investor

The direct sell option is very easy to use for investors. Here’s how:

On the Investments page, select which loans you want to sell by clicking the sales cart icon, then press the “Sell” button above. A popup box will appear asking if you want to sell the loans individually or as a single portfolio. Now you will need to designate specific investor username to whom you want to sell the selected loan(s) or portfolio.

Selling investments directly to another investor

Sale confirmation

In this same popup box you’ll see the total calculated expected income from the sale. The final step is to sign the loan sales.

Sale confirmation

Finding direct sales offers on Secondary Market

At this point the buying investor is able to find the loan/portfolio. The listing is available in the Secondary market page. Open the filter options and locate the filter “Show offers meant for me”, then select “Yes” from the dropdown box.  Buying the offer is no different from the usual process – select the offer by adding it to buy cart and click “Buy”.

Explore how our new feature can reveal new investing opportunities as we take the next step in our evolution as a leading marketplace lender.

Sell multiple loans as portfolios on Secondary Market

Last week we released a new feature enabling investors to sell multiple loans as one portfolio in Secondary Market. This feature adds a new tool for the investors to increase liquidity and manage their portfolio risk more effectively.

Sell multiple loans as one portfolio

Before, investors could sell investments from their portfolio one by one by adding the loans to sales cart and signing the sales orders in the Investments page. The new feature adds the possibility to combine the loans you want to sell into one portfolio and put this portfolio to sale on Secondary Market.

To sell multiple investments as one portfolio, just mark the “Sell as a portfolio” checkbox in the Sales list popup. The summary of the investments is displayed in the same view. In addition, you are able to set the price for the portfolio manually by marking the checkbox for “Set a portfolio price”. If you do not set the price manually, the system sets the sum value of outstanding principals as the portfolio price. Next, you just have to continue and sign the sales.

Sell multiple loans as one portfolio

Find portfolios for sale on Secondary Market

To see all the portfolios for sale by other investors, go to the Secondary Market page and enable the “Show portfolios” option on the top right. This quick filter only displays portfolios for sale. You can look into each portfolio and see which loans are included and what is their history and status.

Show portfolios for sale on Secondary Market

As mentioned, this feature offers a new level of liquidity for users. If an investor wishes to divest themselves of a loan they can do so before it reaches maturity. Additionally, investors can increase the liquidity of lower rated loans by including them with higher rated loans in a single portfolio, thus increasing the chances of liquidation.

Make investing convenient with new recurring payments feature

Automation is one of the most powerful tools for investors today. When we remove ourselves from the equation we avoid the distractions that get in the way of accumulating wealth. At Bondora, we want to put automation to work for you.

How to set up your recurring payment

We’ve added a simple new feature which allows you to set up recurring payments from your bank to your Bondora investment account. When you login to your Bondora account, go to the “Add Funds” tab on your Dashboard. Below you’ll notice a checkbox for “Make payment recurring.”

With this checkbox selected, setting up a recurring payment is as easy as making a regular credit or debit card payment.

  1. Choose the deposit amount.
  2. Choose a period for the recurring payment.
  3. Choose a payment day.
  4. Click on “Make a deposit with credit card”.

Setting up recurring payments

After that you are asked to provide your card details and authenticate the payment.

Recurring payment details

Automation makes it easy to contribute even small amounts today. Over time the account grows from your regular contributions and your compounded returns. Even small weekly amounts can make a big difference. Why? One study showed that someone at the age of 25 contributing €75 per month will see their account grow to €263,571 by 65 based on an 8% rate of return. If you wait until you’re 35, the total reaches only €150,030 under the same conditions.


Set up recurring payment here