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Private investors Lars Wrobbel and Kolja Barghoorn have published a new book “Investieren in P2P-privatkredite” (Investing in P2P-lending). The book is mostly targeted for investors offering an overview of the opportunities that peer-to-peer lending offers. It encourages readers to get started by offering insights into P2P future analysis and strategies for a good profit. In short, the book explains why P2P invests are a good addition for a classical stock portfolio.

investieren in p2p privatkredite

“We wrote the book because we are both very interested in P2P-investments and generally passive investments. The book is special because it is a wonderfully easy read for both beginners and experienced investors”, says Wrobbel.

Bondora is one of the two presented P2P lending platforms in the book. It covers our platform in general and digs deep into communication, secondary market, the portfolio-builder, security issues and loss of loan. We are honored that our product has inspired to write a book.

If this got you interested, grab your copy either in print or eBook version:




We know that there are loads of resources online but we’ve compiled a list of recommended reading with the help from Claus Lehmann, a P2P lending expert and a publisher of the leading industry blog

The Lending Club Story: How the world’s largest peer to peer lender is transforming finance and how you can benefit
The Lending Club Story
Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money
 Digital Gold
Innovation and the Future Proof Bank: A Practical Guide to Doing Different Business-as-Usual

Innovation and the future proof bank

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  1. hi all

    i think this post must callung: “Recommended reading for dummies” – joke!

    so sad looking what Bondora making… every next step will harder and harder…

    but we all can see what they do! 1step – promis answers 2-nd – breaking promises

    when we investing money promis “No fees” after breaking Terms of use and use DCA

    and calling it “AIM” but whay we MUST pay for this “AIM” dont answer…

    I think that after “closing threads” nexr step will “erasing posts” and “users”…

    Good luck Bondora!

  2. Watching Bondora now is like looking at a train wreck in slow motion. With every step they alienate investors more and more and, despite preaching about importance of open communication, providing data or having the best interest of investors in mind, their recent actions mean the exact opposite. Even worse, some of their recent actions are not only stupid and irresponsible, but also quite likely illegal and I hope that investors will unite and sue them for the breach of signed contractual obligations.

  3. Additionally, the debacle with DCA fees is not only illegal, it also creates huge moral hazard for investors, because now every irresponsible borrower will know that he/she can stop servicing the loan right away, the worst that could happen is that some mildly annoying DCA will make some calls and send some harmless letters. In the worst case after 270 days you may be summoned to the courthouse, but if you are in the risk category E-HR, no one will bother with that, because hey, you have no assets anyway.

    • Hi Denis,
      Thank you for your feedback. Our goal is to serve the interests of our investors and deliver positive effect on their returns. We comply with all legal requirement in all the markets where we operate.

    • Hi Arne,
      Can you please ask your question again- we had technical issues with our blog. Thanks!