Record-high: Over €15M invested in July

Stats & Data

It was quite the month for Bondora. Investments on the Bondora platform skyrocketed, coming in at €15,303,435 and shattering the previous all-time high. This also represents a whopping 62.7% increase compared to total investments in June. Go & Grow led the way, almost doubling in volume to €10,823,673. API funding also saw significant growth, up to €104,324, a jump of 162.4%.

Share by product EUR - July 2019

Go & Grow takes 71% of the total share

After a decrease in Go & Grow investments in June, investors flocked back to the service in a huge way. 71% of the total investment on Bondora came via Go & Grow in July. This marks a 13% increase in total investment share for Go & Grow, completely overshadowed investment in all other Bondora offerings on the month. This caused a decrease in the share of Portfolio Manager and Portfolio Pro, down 8% and 5% respectively on the month. Meanwhile, even though API investment jumped significantly in July, it still only accounted for 1% of total investments on the platform.

Share by product - July 2019
Share by product - June 2019

Investor confidence grows

July investments in Go & Grow alone (€10,823,673) eclipsed total investment on the entire Bondora platform in June (€9,406,795). The figures in July also represent the high satisfaction and confidence of investors in Bondora. As thousands of new investors join Bondora every month, we expect more records to be broken before the end of the year. We’re excited to see what the coming months hold!

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