The Top 5 Questions from Investors in April – Answered by Kairi

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Kairi joined Bondora five years ago when there were fewer than ten people in the company. Starting as an assistant, Kairi has worked across several departments within Bondora and—as a result—knows the business inside and out. She’s now leading our Associate’s team and strives to give first-class customer service to all of our investors.

The Top 5 Questions from Investors in April – Answered by Kairi

1. I really like Bondora and invited my friend to also join via Bondora’s Refer-a-Friend program, however, he is already more advanced investor than me and would like to switch to another investing product of yours, Portfolio Pro. Do I lose the bonus if to change the investing plan?

Bondora’s Refer-a-Friend bonus program applies to all our products – Go & Grow, Portfolio Manager and Portfolio Pro. As long as the money is invested within the first 30 days you will be eligible for the bonus. In other words, it doesn’t have any effect on which product you choose or if you change later on. Learn more about our bonus program from your account, in “Invite friends” section or if you are new to Bondora start referring people to Bondora today.

2. What are the risks investing with Go & Grow? Can the net return fall below 6.75%?

A headline benefit of Go & Grow is the high-yielding return of 6.75% and despite our historic return rates, a proprietary credit scoring model developed over a decade and a reserve fund – there’s still a risk that the net return may fall below 6.75%*.

For example, if the amount of investments in Go & Grow significantly exceeds the amount we can originate in loans, this results in a percentage of the portfolio remaining in cash. In other words, there could be a lot of money that’s not earning any return. In this scenario, we may decide to add a limit to the amount new investors can deposit. Or in an extreme case, we could decide to stop accepting new investors altogether and form a waiting list – similar to Zopa in the United Kingdom.

While this scenario is unlikely, we want all Go & Grow investors to be aware of the risks and our action plans in place.

*As with any investment, your capital is at risk. Before deciding to invest, please review our risk statement or consult with a financial advisor if necessary.

3. Is it possible to choose which notifications and account overview emails I get?

Sure, you can choose which kind of account notifications you’d like to receive from us to get a better overview of your account. Changes can be made from your account settings page, under the email preferences section. Simply go to your account settings by clicking your name in the top right corner and choose “Email preferences”.

Once you’ve made your changes, click the “Save” button below the page to save the changes and you will start receiving the notifications you requested the day after.

4. I’ve made my first deposit, but I can’t see any investments yet. How do I start investing?

If you’ve already made a payment to your Bondora account, but can’t see any investments, then most probably you have sent money to your Go & Grow account (as Go & Grow is set as the default product when you sign up) and your money is already earning interest. Select Go & Grow from your main menu (on the left) and on the next page you’ll find your account summary – what you’ve added, your daily returns and your total withdrawable amount.

With the Go & Grow, you don’t have to worry about single loans to select – Go & Grow takes care of the hard work for you as you earn returns daily. Later on, if you wish you can also switch between products or use them at the same time.

Still unsure? Please don’t hesitate to contact us and our team will be happy to help.

5. I’d like to send money to my Bondora account, but my bank is not listed in the dropdown menu of banks when adding money. Does it mean you don’t support my bank and I can’t invest?

The bank list you can see on “Add money” section is meant to make the whole process more convenient to Bondora users. So, if your bank is not in there, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t use it to send money to your Bondora account and most probably it is just not yet added in there. The only rule is that it needs to be an EU bank account – we can accept payments from EU banks. Log on to your online bank and set up a payment using the payment details from your user account.

The bank list is reviewed and updated constantly by us to enhance the user experience.

In case you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us—our team is happy to assist you in any way. You can email us at [email protected] or (during business hours, Mo-Fr: 9–17 EET) reach us by phone at +44 1568 6300 06.