The top questions from investors in July 2019 – Answered by Kairi

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Kairi joined Bondora more than five years ago when there were fewer than ten people in the company. Starting as an assistant, Kairi has worked across several departments within Bondora and—as a result—knows the business inside and out. She’s now leading our Associate’s team and strives to give first-class customer service to all of our investors.

1. I’ve started investing with Portfolio Manager, but I’d like to switch to Go & Grow now. How can I do this? 

You can easily switch between products or use them at the same time – there is no need to open a new account. If you want to transfer your portfolio directly to Go & Grow, you can do this easily with a couple of clicks. We’ve made a short video guide on how to transfer your existing investments to Go & Grow. Note that this can only be done for the whole portfolio, not a partial amount.

2. How can I check the details of my investments, and specifically track the ones due at the moment?

You can filter out loans by their statuses using the filters on the “Investments” section.

Filters are under the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner.

filter out loans - Bondora

The ones that are due are also marked as orange and red, according to their overdue days, to be easily visible in the interface.

3. I am investing via Portfolio Manager. How can I liquidate my investments?

If you would like to liquidate your whole portfolio before the maturity of loans, the easiest option is to sell your portfolio to Go & Grow. This can only be done for the whole portfolio, not partially. We have made a short video guide on how to transfer your existing investments to Go & Grow.

The second option is to sell your investments via the Secondary Market to other investors, but the only option is to do this manually. Also, if you have already someone, a friend or relative, for example, who is interested in buying your portfolio, you can also sell it to them directly via the “Direct sell” feature. More info on this from our support guide and blog.

PS! Please remember to pause your investing tool before making any transactions, to avoid it from making new investments for you from the funds coming from sales.

4. I’ve noticed Bondora hoodies and T-shirts in social media and would like to ask how I can get one of them? 

At the moment, it’s not yet possible to get or purchase official Bondora merchandise in any other way than winning them in special campaigns we launch.

We regularly run new campaigns and will have plenty more prize giveaways coming in the future.

5. What is the Bondora Wishlist?

We’ve created a simple way for you to raise any bright ideas you have, which you would like us to implement. Add an idea, add some context about your vision, and other investors will then have the opportunity to upvote your idea so it reaches the top of the list. It’s easy for you to track ideas that are under review, those that are agreed and in development, and those which we’ve already completed.

Bondora Wishlist

In case you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us—our team is happy to assist you in any way. You can email us at [email protected] or (during business hours, Mo-Fr: 9–17 EET) reach us by phone at +44 1568 6300 06.