Top questions from investors in May – Answered by Kairi

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Kairi joined Bondora more than five years ago when there were fewer than ten people in the company. Starting as an assistant, Kairi has worked across several departments within Bondora and—as a result—knows the business inside and out. She’s now leading our Associate’s team and strives to give first-class customer service to all of our investors.

Top questions from investors in May – Answered by Kairi - 2019

1. I’ve made a payment to my Go & Grow, but it hasn’t arrived. Why is that?

If you are making a payment to your Go & Grow account using SEPA, please do not forget to add your full name, reference number and Go & Grow reference number into your payment description, like this:

GG123456 5582567 John Smith

Please keep in mind that each number and your name has to be separated when typing. Otherwise, our system will not recognize it and will not add it to the related Go & Grow account. This way, your transfer can easily be identified and matched with your Go & Grow account.

If you already made a payment and it hasn’t arrived within 3 business days, please contact our support via [email protected] and provide a payment confirmation and our team will be happy to help to sort the matter.

2. Is there a time limit set when I can take out my profit/investment or a minimum amount I can withdraw?

There is no minimum investing time nor withdrawal amount limit set – you can withdraw any funds you have as “Available funds” right away as long as it’s more than 1 euro cent, which is the smallest amount banks can process.

You can also easily liquidate money that is invested in your Go & Grow account, with minimal effort. First, click on the “Withdraw” tab, choose where you want to withdraw from (i.e., if you have multiple Go & Grow accounts), where you want to send it to and the amount, and that’s it!

3. Why do I need to identify myself?

We ask all our customers to complete the identification process following the requirements of the EU Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Directive. This means that we need to verify both your personal bank account and ID before you can make a withdrawal from your account.

It is an easy one-time process we have developed to help to ensure the safety of investors money and enhance the user experience. To finalize your identification, go to the “Verify” tab on your account and complete the missing steps.

4. How do you ensure my account is secure?

For this purpose, we’ve implemented a 2-factor authentication process. This is an extra layer for your account safety which means that all account transactions and personal details changes need to need to be signed additionally with a unique SMS PIN code sent to your registered mobile phone number. The SMS authentication is an added layer of security for all Bondora users.

As explained above, all our users also need to have their accounts fully identified before withdrawals can be processed.

5. Is it possible to open a Go & Grow account on behalf of my children to start saving money for their future?

It is not allowed for a minor to have a user account on the platform, but you can create a Go & Grow account with the dedicated goal, i.e., adding your child’s name to it. Once they become of age, you can easily share the account with them so they can have access.

Go & Grow is Bondora’s most popular and trusted service — it’s easy to use and doesn’t require much time for managing the investment. Explore more about the Go & Grow.

In case you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us—our team is happy to assist you in any way. You can email us at [email protected] or (during business hours, Mo-Fr: 9–17 EET) reach us by phone at +44 1568 6300 06.