Wallet is live! And other Bondora achievements for October

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October is almost done, and this month, Bondora reached new milestones, released a most requested feature, and shared two exciting stories. Ready for our monthly round-up? Let’s go!

Wallet is live, and it’s looking great.
Wallet is live, and it’s looking great.

Wallet is here

Have you seen something new on your Go & Grow page? That is Wallet, our brand-new feature aimed to help you know exactly what’s going on in your account. We’ve tested it for a while with a smaller share of investors, but now it’s finally rolled out to everyone!

Wallet shows you the money that’s in your Go & Grow investment but available to withdraw. It also comes accompanied with other useful improvements:

  • Live return tracker
  • New dashboard design with key account figures all in one place
  • Precise figures are shown in the unlikely event of a pending payout
  • The progress tracker remains in place to help you visualize your goals
  • Transfer to Wallet is a new and simple way to liquidate your Go & Grow account: Click on the burger icon, select “Transfer to Wallet,” and confirm your amount

If you haven’t yet, log in now and check out your shiny new Go & Grow dashboard 🤩

Proud achievements

October marks another achievement for us: More than 140,000 investors have decided to trust Bondora with their investments. That’s almost enough to fill the entire Olympiastadion in Berlin… twice! Wow 🤩

Double this stadium is a lot of people!
Double this stadium is a lot of people!

And by the way, over 6,500 of investors have already followed us on Instagram. That’s more than halfway towards our goal of hitting 10k! We’re committed to creating posts that are informative, interesting, funny, or all the above 😉 So, if you’re not following us yet, you’re missing out.

Remember to slide into our stories: You’ll always get a sneak peek of what life’s like at Bondora. They are must-see behind the scenes moments. You can find us on Instagram @bondora_capital

Follow us at @bondora_capital
Follow us at @bondora_capital

Top German investment blogger shares his strategies

This month, we had the pleasure of welcoming Claus Lehmann as a guest writer on our blog. Claus is a peer-to-peer lending expert and has been writing about this industry since 2007.

Claus’ article on our blog explores his experience in investing with Bondora during the turbulent times we live in. He also shares his perspective on what to expect in the coming months. Definitely worth the read.

Email marketing star opens up about his role

All companies send you emails, right? But at Bondora, we make sure the right emails are sent to the right people, at the right time, with the right words in it. And no one does it better than Özgün Akay, our skilled real-life inbox Superman!

In his very own Bondora Superstars episode, Özgün shares what it is like to tackle old school email practices and the feeling he has when helping people achieve their financial goals. An inspiring—and FUN—read.

And that’s it for the month! Make sure to watch this space and follow us on Instagram to be on top of everything Bondora! Thanks for reading, keep investing, and bye for now!