Bondora’s affiliate program terms and conditions

Thank you for participating in Bondora’s affiliate program which is governed by these terms and conditions. Terms that are capitalized in this terms and conditions shall have the same meaning as the definitions used in the Terms and Use of Bondora unless otherwise provided in these terms and conditions.

References to “Bondora” are references to Bondora Capital OÜ, references to “you” or “your” are references to the persons (either the User of Bondora or not) who introduce other persons in respect of the offer and references to the “program” are references to this Bondora’s affiliate program.

Bondora may from time to time offer the opportunity to earn rewards by referring other persons to become a User of Bondora. Bondora reserves the right to terminate the offer at any time for any reason without notifying participants.

These terms and conditions shall apply to you if you participate in the program. By participating in the program you agree to use the program in the manner specified in these terms and conditions.

You are able to participate in the program if you are User of Bondora or if in accordance with the Terms of Use of Bondora you would be accepted as the User and if unique link generated by Bondora for this program (“URL”) is made available to you either in Portal or sent to you via e-mail. You may share or send or make the URL available to third persons. You are prohibited from altering, changing or modifying the URL.

Bondora reserves the right to disqualify any participates or referred persons at any time from participation in the program if such participant does not comply with any of these terms and conditions or any other terms and conditions for other Bondora services that apply to such participant.

If you participate in the program you will receive a one-time reward of 5% of the investments made by the respective referred person through the Portal (“Investment Reward”). The Investment Reward shall be calculated from the amount of Investment Balance (Purchased Loans at purchase price – sold loans at sales price + principal repayments from the investments) at the day of the calculation. The calculation for the Investment Reward shall be done after 30 days from the registration date of the respective referred person in the Portal.

Reward may be subject to verification by Bondora its sole discretion. Bondora may withhold a payment of reward for investigation if it deems fraudulent, suspicious or in violation of these terms and conditions. Over the counter (for example direct sales to other Users) Secondary Market trades are deemed as fraudulent activities.

Bondora has a right to modify or amend at any time the methods through which the reward is earned.

You may not use illegal or otherwise objectionable content in connection with any communications relating to the program and to any referrals made under the program. You are not allowed to use the URL in any way that is against the values of Bondora and/or against with the good business standards.

You will be responsible for any tax reporting and/or payment obligations applicable in respect to reward(s) received under this program.

Reward will be credited either to your Portal account or to your bank account within 20 business days after the calculation day, if all the conditions and preconditions for the rewards as stipulated in the section 4 have been fulfilled.

In order for you to receive the Investment Reward the following preconditions:

  • you or the respective referred person has not breached these terms and conditions and any other terms and conditions for Bondora services;
  • the respective referred person has registered as a User through your unique URL and Bondora was able to track such registration;
  • the respective referred person was not the User of the Portal before receiving the URL from you;
  • the respective referred person has a right to become the User of the Portal in accordance with the Terms of Use;
  • you or the respective referred person has not misused or exploit the program (for example created multiple or fake accounts or participate in the offer using multiple or fake email addresses or identities);
  • the Investment Balance of the specific referred User is at the day of the calculation is at least 10 euros.

Only one qualifying referral shall be deemed generated for each referred User and the reward shall be paid to User through whose URL the respective referred person has arrived to the Portal and registered as the User first.

You may contact Bondora for any issue and/or for any additional information at any time by sending us e-mail at [email protected]. Legal relationships arising from participating in this program shall be governed by these terms and conditions and by Terms of Use published on the Portal at the day respective referred person registered as User through the respective URL.

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