Go & Grow - Bondora's most popular way to invest!

Go & Grow is Bondora’s most popular and trusted way to invest. Whether you’re a retiree living in the Estonian countryside or an 18-year-old student in Berlin who’s new to the world of investing, Go & Grow will help you achieve your goals.

Herein lies a step by step explanation as to the setup and use of Go & Grow. We’ll also show you how it differs from our other products. Take your time and read each of the following points carefully, as you’ll find plenty of new and useful information.

What is Go & Grow?

Go & Grow allows you to start investing with just a few mouse clicks and earn an impressive return of up to 6.75%* p. a. Once you’ve added money to the account, you can view and track your return on a daily basis. What’s more, there is no minimum term to hold your investment. Sounds like your cup of tea? There’s more.

go and grow plant For years, there has been a huge investor demand for a product that is simple, has a reliable net return, and is offered by a trusted platform. It offers key benefits that our other products (Portfolio Manager and Portfolio Pro) do not. More specifically, it appeals to those who want “no-hassle” investing with lower risk, faster liquidity, and automated features.

Go & Grow is for the dreamers. When you create a new Go & Grow account, you have to set a goal and a purpose. The purpose of your investment may be a wedding or a new car, a trip around the world, early retirement, or something completely unique. Our goal-setting feature is there to help you determine how much money you want to accumulate and by what date. You can always change your plan. Go & Grow will keep you updated as to whether you are on track to achieve your goal or should try harder.

Reasons to use Go & Grow

The P2P industry has gained enormous popularity over the past few years. However, some investors have felt excluded from the incredible opportunity due to thinking they lack enough experience. No matter your experience level, Go & Grow offers benefits for all:

What is the difference between Go & Grow and our other services?

A fundamental difference between Go & Grow and Portfolio Manager or Portfolio Pro is the liquidity. If you’re looking for a short-term product in which you can liquidate your investment quickly*, this is difficult to do with our other products. First, you must list your loan portfolio for sale on the Secondary Market for other investors to purchase.They then will take over your loan at the price you set for the remaining loan duration and you receive the sale price to your Bondora account. The speed of this sale depends completely on investor demand.

When you use Go & Grow, you do not invest directly in one specific loan — instead, you invest in several different loans. If you already have investments with Bondora, you have the option to sell this portfolio to your Go & Grow account (this is discussed in more detail below). A downside to using Go & Grow compared to our other products is that it’s likely you will achieve a lower net return (up to 6.75%* p.a.). In Portfolio Manager and Portfolio Pro, your return depends on the strategy and filters selected.

More about the net return of up to 6.75%* p.a.

Bondora’s business continues to be in consumer loans — however, with Go & Grow, we are simplifying the whole process so you don’t have to worry about the duration of loans. Because this also lowers your risk and because the average net return on Bondora consistently has been over 9% p.a., we offer our Go & Grow investors a competitive rate of up to 6.75%* p.a.

The net return is up to 6.75%* p.a. and all the exceeding income will be reinvested and added to reserves in order to ensure the continuous net return of up to 6.75%* p.a. and support faster liquidity for investors. That being said, the net return of up to 6.75%* p.a. is not guaranteed.

Settings and functions of Go & Grow

Now that you know how little management Go & Grow requires, you may be wondering if there’s anything you can do yourself on the account. So let’s talk about some of the interesting features you have access to within your Go & Grow account.


We want you to enjoy investing. This is more likely to happen if you know what you regularly spend your hard-earned money on. To make sure you don’t lose sight of the reason for your investment, you have to set a purpose for each Go & Grow account you create (you can create multiple accounts for different purposes). You can choose from some of the most common reasons for investing; retirement, children’s future, a rainy day, travel, a new car.

Big Purchase
Extra Income
Child's Future
Rainy Day

Perhaps you have several reasons and purposes for investing in mind. No problem — just create multiple accounts within Go & Grow (or “sub-accounts”) which will be independent of one another. You may also have a goal that you wish to pursue on your own and one that you wish to pursue with your friends or family members (which we’ll talk about in more detail later). For example, you may want to invest for the purpose of your child’s future university costs with a family member (or birthday gifts made easy) and invest independently for a large upcoming purchase you are planning. All of this can be achieved easily with Go & Grow. 

Investment plan

If you are a runner and decide to participate in a race, you will have a clear goal in mind — the distance you need to run and the way you’ll get there. Otherwise, it proves difficult to pace yourself and implement a plan to achieve this goal. You cannot sprint the distance of a marathon. The same goes for investing — creating a strategy and sticking to it is crucial to achieving your goals.

To put this into Go & Grow perspective: you enter your starting capital amount, the amount you plan to invest monthly, and the duration of time for which you plan to invest. We then combine this with our offered return rate to give you the “potential gain” figure.

If you’re unsure of the amount you can start with or how much you can afford to invest each month, you’re not alone. To get started, try and visualize the moment you achieve your goal and then start working backward from there. Try to think of a realistic amount you can afford to start with and invest each month, whilst keeping on top of your bills and enjoying yourself along the way. You can change your goal whenever you need to – increase or decrease the amount with just a few clicks.

How do you add your existing investments? 

If you’re already a Bondora investor, you can transfer your existing investments to your new Go & Grow account. It’s important to remember that it’s likely you will achieve a lower net return using Go & Grow. However, there are plenty of other benefits (as discussed above) you will have access to, such as cashing in your investment at short notice.

To transfer your existing investments, click on the settings wheel visible on your Go & Grow account and then select “Add existing investments.” Next, you will receive an offer from Bondora to liquidate your existing portfolio based on the current portfolio value. The offer will depend on the value of your investments. If you accept the offer, Bondora will transfer your portfolio to your Go & Grow account and you can start earning right away.

Before proceeding, think carefully if this is the right decision for you as the decision cannot be reversed once you accept the offer.

If you’ve already sold more than 25% of your existing investments on the Secondary Market yourself, Go & Grow cannot take over your whole portfolio (including defaulted and overdue loans). However, you will still receive an offer which you can review before choosing to proceed.

Making a withdrawal

With Go & Grow, there is no need for you to manage any individual loans. This means you do not have to sell your loans or wait until the end of the loan durations to cash out your investment. You can request to liquidate your investment at any time simply by clicking on “Withdraw.” If you're using also Portfolio Manager and Portfolio Pro, you should pause them so that they would not keep investing your available funds.

Regardless of your portfolio size, we charge a flat €1 fee each time you withdraw money from Go & Grow to your main Bondora account.

After that, the money will be visible on your Bondora dashboard in the “Available funds” section, ready for you to withdraw to your bank account or invest via our other services.

Adding money to your account

There are several ways you can add money to your Go & Grow account:

Invite the people you trust

go and grow invite friendsGo & Grow is unique to our other services, as you can invest in cooperation with your friends and family members. Together, you can invest for that holiday to Fiji you have been dreaming about, for your children’s future university fees, or toward a new home.

To add authorized users to your Go & Grow account, click on the blue arrow in the upper right-hand corner of your account next to the settings wheel. You will then see the option “Invite to Go & Grow” appear. Once you click on this, enter the name and e-mail address of the person with whom you want to start investing. You can also select whether you want to grant this person the authority to withdraw from the account. You should only enable this feature for the people you trust.

Tax reports

The tax treatment is different for Go & Grow compared to our other products. Which is why you can download a separate tax report that only reflects your Go & Grow transactions. To get started, click on the “Go & Grow tax report” below your account on the Go & Grow page and select whether you want to include accounts with other authorized users in your report. Then click on “Create report.”.

Do you have any questions?

We hope this guide answered most of your questions. If you are still unsure, please contact us via our Support page, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. The Investor Relations team is happy to provide you with first-class support in English, German, and Estonian.

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