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Are You Ready to Invest Money Wisely?

It's long been said that the key to building wealth and achieving financial security is to invest money wisely. But what does this actually mean? Does it mean listening to the generic advice being doled out by so-called experts, or focusing on what works best for you? Does it mean sticking with traditional investments and strategies, or adapting to a rapidly changing economic and financial landscape?

As in many areas of life, there are few absolutes with respect to questions about where to invest money or how to invest money wisely. In the end, it depends on your individual goals and tolerance for risk. Some investors might prefer to put their hard-earned cash in a traditional savings account and earn a low but relatively safe return. Others would rather swing for the fences by speculating in high-risk, high-potential-reward opportunities.

Balancing risk and reward

History suggests, however, that the optimal choice is somewhere in the middle – that is, an investment strategy that strikes a fair balance between the upside and the downside. This doesn't automatically mean, however, that certain options are off the table. In fact, professional money managers have found that even the riskiest investments may be worth including in a well-diversified portfolio.

In many respects, diversification is the key when it comes to how to invest wisely and make money. Research has shown that by spreading your risk among various investments and asset classes, you can reduce the odds that any one of them will prove disastrous to your financial health and undermine prospects for generating attractive returns. More important, perhaps, not having all your eggs in one basket can make it easier for you to sleep at night.

From little acorns do tall oaks grow

Another consideration is how much you have and want to invest. It's one thing to be a Wall Street professional managing billions of dollars who has access to options that might not be available to smaller investors. However, for those who have, say, less than €1,000 to begin with, they would probably be less interested in tips to invest wisely than in how to invest wisely with little money.

Peer-to-peer lending offers advantages in both respects. In fact, a growing number of people from around the world have found this strategy to be among the best ways to invest money wisely. First, by investing in an asset class with a track record of success but that is less tied to the vagaries of the economy than stocks, bonds and other traditional favorites, you can reduce the overall risk of your portfolio.

Double the diversification benefit

You also get a second helping of diversification benefits when you invest through a P2P platform such as Bondora's. Whether you make all of the decisions yourself or make use of our automated tools, you can readily invest in a broad cross-section of loans to creditworthy borrowers. It is also easy to customize your strategy based on loan grading, country, duration and other factors.

Simply put, at Bondora, you can invest wisely in P2P lending, one of the fastest growing markets over the past 10 years.

Better yet, you don't need much to get started. In fact, if you’ve wondered about how to invest wisely if you have less than €1,000 available, the Bondora P2P marketplace could be just the ticket. Unlike banks and brokerage firms, we don't discriminate against investors based on the size of their portfolios. No matter how much you have or want to invest, we’re here to help you put your money to work.

Better opportunities for them, better returns for you

We also make it easy for you to boost your overall returns by introducing those you know to the Bondora marketplace, where they’ll have access to the same resources, tools and features that you do. Through our "Refer-a-Friend" program, you’ll receive a bonus for every person who signs up because of you. All you need to do is send them a custom referral link that ensures your account will be properly credited once they start investing.

When it comes to managing your finances, there’s more to it, of course, than how to wisely invest your money. For most of us, having enough liquidity on hand to meet expected – or unexpected – expenses is just as important as generating attractive risk-adjusted returns and having more diversified portfolios. At many P2P lending platforms, however, they really don't go out of their way to provide investors with this sort of flexibility.

When it comes to your money, you’re the boss

Things are different at Bondora, where you are always in control of your money. Whether you choose to maintain a certain level of liquidity from the get-go or decide to liquidate some holdings later on, you can make it happen without much effort. Alternatively, if you prefer to "set it and forget it,” you can rely on our one-click lending liquidity option to make sure you’ll always have the right amount of cash on hand.

Ensuring you are totally in charge isn't the only thing that matters when it comes to how to invest money wisely. We believe it’s important that our clients know all the ins and outs of how P2P lending works and have the resources necessary to make the best decisions. At Bondora, you have ready access to data on historical trends and borrower creditworthiness, as well as online FAQs and extensive customer support.

In fact, helping our clients to invest money wisely means we must regularly go beyond the call of duty. There are no surprises at Bondora: when you invest with us, you get full transparency, no matter what sort of investor you are. You know what our fees our, what options are available to you, and what happens if borrowers don’t live up to their obligations. Of course, since we have our own skin in the game, we naturally do whatever we can to lessen the chances that something will go wrong.

We win when you win

With all of this in mind, you can feel confident that our interests are aligned with yours. When you work with Bondora, we consider it a partnership of equals. We’re not trying to take advantage of our customers; with our business model, we make money when you make money. Unlike with the traditional "bricks-and-mortar" firms and many of our P2P rivals, we understand that the secret to success in today's ultra-competitive and globalized world is treating customers right over the long haul.

This doesn't mean, of course, that making your money work harder for you is easy. If you want to invest wisely in P2P and make real money – the kind that can help you achieve a secure future for you and your loved ones – the earlier you get started, the better. As the old saying goes, "time is money." Once you sign up at Bondora, you'll be ready to put that wisdom to the test.

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