Earn a 9% Return with well diversified risk

28,834 investors have already invested EUR 102 Million through Bondora and have received EUR 15 million in interest.

80% of investors - including 136 from United States of America - have earned over 9% annually.

Investment diversification is the key to performance

It's long been said that putting your eggs in one basket is a terrible idea.

The same holds true with investing: having all your investments in a few asset classes is risky, especially when rates are low and asset prices are high.

And with stocks and bonds as correlated to each other as they are now, the potential downside is even greater. A misstep by central bankers, an unexpected political development, or any number of "black swans" could cause a lot of damage to a portfolio that is not sufficiently diversified.

An institutional alternative

Institutional investors know this, of course. They understand that the key to long-term investing performance is being exposed to a mix of assets classes, including nontraditional assets.

One alternative that has attracted a great deal of interest in recent years is peer-to-peer lending, which connects creditworthy borrowers with investors seeking attractive returns.

But not all P2P platforms are alike. At Bondora.com, you benefit from the experience of a lender with a record of success in good times and bad. You also partner with a firm that uses proprietary underwriting methods and technology to identify the cream of the crop of near-prime borrowers.

Our interests are aligned with yours

And unlike with some "wealth managers" and other so-called experts, when you invest with us, our interests are aligned with yours. Simply put, our success is your success.

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Our benefits

No fees

There are no fees for investing in the primary or secondary markets. A small collection and recovery fee is deducted from the cash flows of delinquent loans.

Fast liquidity on largest secondary market for P2P loans

There is a large internal secondary market that enables investors to buy and sell their existing investments. We have developed a fast and automated liquidation feature on our platform.

Highest yielding P2P platform for investors

An international investment bank has identified Bondora as the highest yielding peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform across the globe.

Advanced analytics to track investments

Investors can access hundreds of data points about the investments available through our marketplace by way of our user interface, data exports or the public API.

All loan data is public

All transaction ledgers and data on issued loans are available via our public statistics and data export pages.

Solid 8-year track record

Bondora has solid track record dating back to 2009, providing high returns to investors both in negative and in positive market conditions.

Frequently asked questions

What is Bondora?

Bondora.com is a leading peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform for investing in European non-bank personal loans. All loans are issued by our parent company, Bondora AS, which retains a share of the risk of every loan it offers through the Bondora.com marketplace.

How are you able to offer investors “above-market” returns?

Bondora issues loans to individuals in Finland, Spain and Estonia. These markets are underbanked in comparison to other Western European markets, owing to oligopolistic banking structures and the fallout from past financial crises. Uncompetitive banking sectors and a limited focus on consumer finance have created a high-cost environment with little credit available for the near-prime borrower segment.

Do I need a lot of experience to invest through your platform?

In short, no. We provide you with easy-to-use automatic investing tools that make it simple to invest through Bondora. We take care of borrower credit assessment, scoring, payment collection, and collections (in cases of nonpayment), giving you complete peace of mind.

What type of investments can I make through Bondora?

You can invest in Bondora loans, which are fixed-income investments that generate monthly cash flow from principal and interest payments.

How do you determine whether a borrower is creditworthy?

All borrowers are risk-assessed using Bondora’s sophisticated underwriting models and assigned to credit groups where the interest rates offered reflect the relevant risks.

Can anyone invest on Bondora?

Anyone who is over age 18 and living in the EU, Switzerland or Norway, as well as businesses registered in the EU, can invest through Bondora. If you live or work outside the EU in any of the countries that comply with the EU’s anti-money laundering directive, you can invest through Bondora if you are an accredited investor.

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