The Lifestyle-Investments of Football Stars

How much money do world-famous footballers invest in cars and real estate?

The best football players in the world earn millions of pounds every year. Whether it’s in the German Bundesliga, English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, French Ligue 1 or Italian Serie A: the European clubs pay annual salaries that the average British employee can only dream of. At Bondora, we have uncovered the private investments of professional footballers across four countries and compared them with those of the average person.


Whether sports cars or SUVs, mansions by the lake or penthouse flats: the following research analyses the lifestyle of the highest-paid national football players on the basis of their salary, properties and vehicles, and compares these with the salary, vehicle and property value of the average citizen.

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Jordan Henderson
Harry Kane
Raheem Sterling
Marcus Rashford
Jesse Lingard
Dele Alli
Ashley Young
Kyle Walker
John Stones
Phil Jones
Jordan Pickford
Jordan Pickford
Mercedes-Benz C220 AMG Sport


Name Salary Car Type Car Price House Price
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Methodology Infographic Data Footballers and Investments


While conducting research for the creation of our indicators (Net Worth, Average Salary, Car, Car Price, and House Price) - several kinds of sources were used to cross-check the data. This ranged from articles released by well-known and reliable newspapers (such as the Daily Mail and Spiegel) to analysis from databases with contrasting information about players from around the world. The results were validated by comparing all available sources.

For an even more precise result, a mathematical average was applied in cases where the data showed discrepancies considered to be too wide.

Average Person

As it’s possible to have marginal errors in some of the data, the analysis was cross-checked with the world’s largest database of user contributed data about cities and countries. The advantage of this tool (which contains numerical and other itemizable data), is that it’s designed to provide current and timely information, giving us the most accurate overall picture.

Average Salary

The average salary indicator reports the average monthly net salary in euros (meaning after taxes are deducted).

Average Car

The database provides the price of both the first and second most commonly found cars in the country. To find the mean for this indicator, a mathematical average was applied using both values.

Average House

This indicator consists of three sub-indicators, with two being: House City Centre and House Outside City Centre – this is to reflect the purchase price per square meter (in Euros) in the city center and the outskirts, respectively.

Through detailed research, the average house surface area for each of the four countries was analyzed. Once this value was determined, it was multiplied by the above indicators to obtain the average house price both inside and outside the city center. Finally, a mathematical average was applied to show the average house price per country.

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