Pentamind World Championships 2018 takes place in London 19-27 August

Live broadcast

See the live results here and follow the discussion on Mind Sports Olympiad Facebook page.

Schedule (London time)


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What are Mind Games?

Boku, Trench, Kamisado, Carcassonne, Entropia, Hare & Tortoise, Lines of Action – these games and more than 50 others form the world of Mind Sports. People from all over the world participate in the Mind Sports Olympiad - more than 500 competitors from 50 countries travel to London every year for the opportunity to become a champion.

How can you win the Olympiad?

The most anticipated event of the Olympiad is the Pentamind – a pentathlon of Mind Sports. Every athlete chooses to play the top five games that match their strengths, amongst the 50 on the competition list. The best results of the five games are calculated into one score, and this is how a champion is crowned.

Who are the toughest Mind Gamers?

A Brit named Demis Hassabis has won the most world championship titles – a total of five times! Demis is a programmer, just like Andres Kuusk, an Estonian who has won four world championship titles and one bronze medal. This year, he will lead a six-member team from Estonia to London in a quest for the gold.

Andres works as a data scientist for Bondora at their Estonian HQ in Tallinn, and his favorite game is Entropy. His biggest strength, both in games and at work, is the ability to learn and adapt quickly.

The Bondora Story

Intelligent Bondora

At Bondora, we help people fulfill their dreams with our intelligent solutions. After ten years on the market, we’re convinced there’s no need for any special skills to fulfill big dreams – raw intelligence is enough. Nobody’s born an expert, but one needs to study to achieve their potential. We give our people every opportunity to grow and develop, as this is the only way we can make our dream of financial independence for all come true.

Intelligent people do incredible things

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