Can the net return fall below 6.75%? Go & Grow risks – Part 1 (Video)

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A headline benefit of Go & Grow is the high-yielding return of 6.75%.

Despite our historic return rates, a proprietary credit scoring model developed over a decade and a reserve fund – there’s still a risk that the net return may fall below 6.75%.

For example, if the amount of investments in Go & Grow significantly exceeds the amount we can originate in loans, this results in a percentage of the portfolio remaining in cash. In other words, there could be a lot of money that’s not earning any return.

In this scenario, we may decide to add a limit to the amount new investors can deposit. Or in an extreme case, we could decide to stop accepting new investors altogether and form a waiting list – similar to Zopa in the United Kingdom.

While this scenario is unlikely, we want all Go & Grow investors to be aware of the risks and our action plans in place.