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Frequently asked questions

What is Bondora?

Bondora is a leading P2P platform for investing in European personal loans. Since 2009 we have been consistently delivering double-digit returns to over 15,526 investors on our platform.

What type of investments can I make on Bondora?

You can invest in Bondora loans, which are fixed-income investments that generate monthly cash flow in the form of principal and interest payments.

How can you provide above market returns to investors?

The loans are funded directly by investors, which allows us to cut the costs of traditional banking and deliver over 16.9% in net returns to our investors.

How do you check if a borrower is credit worthy?

All borrowers are risk-assessed using sophisticated underwriting models and assigned into credit groups that carry an interest rate that reflects relevant risks.

Do I need a lot of experience with investing to start?

In short no. We provide easy to use automatic investing tools making investing with Bondora simple. We take care of borrower credit assessment, scoring, payment collection and collections in case of non-payments, giving you peace of mind.

Can anyone invest on Bondora?

Anyone over the age of 18 living in the European Union, Switzerland or Norway and businesses registered in the EU`can invest on Bondora. If you live or work outside of the EU, but in any of the countries complying with the EU anti-money laundering directive, you can invest on Bondora if you are an accredited investor.

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