Bondora vs Bitcoin

In 2017, one of the hottest topics in the investing world was that of Cryptocurrency, more specifically, Bitcoin. What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is the first example of money known as a Cryptocurrency, it’s a form of a ‘digital’ or ‘virtual’ currency that is created and held electronically through distributed ledger technology. It’s different to conventional … Continue reading “Bondora vs Bitcoin”

ID Verification Guide

Click here for the German or Estonian video. * * * To avoid repeatedly uploading ID documents for verification, we’ve provided a quick guide to ensure you pass the verification at once. The process is quite simple. All you need to do is upload a copy of either your International passport, ID card or Driver’s license through … Continue reading “ID Verification Guide”

December’s Secondary Market stats, Portfolio Manager prevails

Welcome to December’s Secondary Market statistics blog post. Recently, we talked about the most common methods used to purchase current, overdue and defaulted loans and whether these transactions were made at a premium, discount or par value. Below, we are going to do the same based on the statistics received in December. Current loans API … Continue reading “December’s Secondary Market stats, Portfolio Manager prevails”

Which type of investor are you?

Welcome to another post from our monthly funding statistics series. Here, we talk about the most popular investment methods used by our customers in December and how this has changed since the previous month. This month, we’ve also got some statistics to share on the total figures for 2017. After seeing the share decrease for … Continue reading “Which type of investor are you?”

The most profitable way to exit Bondora

It’s a strange thing to think about. Why should you even consider how you are going to exit something you may have only recently started investing in? For any investment, it’s best to have a forward looking view and a plan in place from the day you start your journey, including your goals and what … Continue reading “The most profitable way to exit Bondora”

Inflation and your investments

Traditionally, banks have always advertised a savings account as a safe haven for customers to put some money aside each month with the aim of growing their wealth. When opening a traditional current account, it was quicker to add an extra account on with the same bank rather than walk down the street to open … Continue reading “Inflation and your investments”

Overview of Cash flow page

Click here for the German or Estonian video. * * * The Cash flow page lets you track you investments and measure how profitable you are. You can monitor the performances of your investments to see which ones are performing and those that are not performing that much. This will help you to make informed decisions on … Continue reading “Overview of Cash flow page”

The youngest borrowers are in Estonia

Recently, we released several posts that have explored the origination of loans by unique data like home ownership, education, employment duration and more. This month, we’re going to do the same and compare how this has changed in comparison to the previous months. Average income, loan amount and age Let’s first remind ourselves of some … Continue reading “The youngest borrowers are in Estonia”

The stats are in! An 8 figure sum was invested in Bondora in 2017

Welcome to the monthly origination post for December, here we go in to detail about the distribution of investments that were made and some interesting stats per country of origin. If you missed November’s post, you can check it out here. The total amount invested through the platform in December was €2,867,314, the lowest figure … Continue reading “The stats are in! An 8 figure sum was invested in Bondora in 2017”

From borrower to lender, Eduardo has seen both sides of the coin

Welcome to another edition of our investor stories series. In today’s story we interview Eduardo, a Spanish national who, after paying off his Bondora loan early, decided he wanted to become the lender and started investing with us. “I started asking for a loan with Bondora… I wanted to reverse the situation and it was … Continue reading “From borrower to lender, Eduardo has seen both sides of the coin”