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Product Updates: Shifting to 100% Hands-off Investing


January is a time of reflection. And when we look back at the history of investing at Bondora, it’s no surprise that there’s always been one main driver behind everything we do: you, our investors. You guide us on how best to help you grow your wealth.  Back in 2008, investing with us looked very…

2022 Q4: Go & Grow Portfolio Review


Do you want to know more about how Go & Grow works? Are you curious to know more about the underlying portfolio? Well, then, this portfolio review article is perfect for you. We’ll take a closer look at the Go & Grow 2022 Q4 portfolio distribution, the percentage division amongst loan ratings, and more interesting…

Money Talks: 8 Wealth-related Terms You Should Know

Finance Tips

Do you feel overwhelmed by financial terms? Do you want to educate yourself and understand your finances better? Great! Here are eight wealth-related terms you should know to help boost your financial and investment knowledge. Term 1: Inflation Inflation is a price increase that translates into a decrease in consumers’ purchasing power. That’s because as…

€80M+ in Returns Paid Out to Investors


In August, over €80M in returns has been paid out to Bondora investors since we were founded. We are happy to help empower people to take charge and set themselves up for success with their financial futures. Loan origination and investments slowed a bit to €14,405,558 and €14,382,356, respectively. Collection and recovery statistics also maintained…

Scared of Investing? 5 Tips to Overcome Your Fear and Start Now

Finance Tips

Changing your lifestyle can be difficult, and many of us are hesitant to take a chance on anything unfamiliar or uncertain. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about investing money, but are afraid of doing it wrong or losing money. Investing is a critical component of your financial health and can help you build wealth and attain…

🖥️ Are You Our Next Developer?


Bondora is looking for exceptional Mid-Senior Developers to join our growing team. We are scaling our business to match our increasing goals and looking for top talent. If you’re excited about joining a hyper-growth company that will help people build better financial futures, then we want you! Yes, you can work remotely if you want to 😃…

🙋‍♀️ Top 5 Questions in August – Answered!


Hi there, I’m Lisette from Bondora’s Investor Relations team. Every month, we round up all the most-asked questions we received from investors in one blog post. You can find all the answers to these top questions right here. It’s just another way we provide first-class customer service. Let’s go through the top 5 questions we received from…

Investments and Originations Grow Again

Market & Pricing

After having a slow month in June, investment and loan origination figures rebounded and increased steadily by 18.7%. This brought both totals to a solid €15,333,326 in July. This is encouraging to see at the start of Q3. Read more: Investment by product Investment funding increased by 18.7%, from €12,913,190 in June to €15,333,326  in…

Bondora Embarks on Ambitious Growth Plan: Announces New Developments


Bondora is a global financial platform providing mutually beneficial solutions for investors and borrowers. Since 2008, Bondora’s investor base has grown to over 200,000 customers who have invested more than €650 million and earned over €80 million to build their financial wealth. We are incredibly honored to have become such a popular and trusted investment choice….

5 Ways to Save Money While Inflation is Rising

Finance Tips

In May 2022, the average inflation rate in the EU reached a staggering 8.8%. While in France it didn’t exceed 6%, the 20% inflation rate in Estonia or the 15% one in the Czech Republic makes one wonder — will the situation stabilize? Here is the thing—whether it’s 6% or 20%—a growing inflation rate means…

What is a Recession?

Finance Tips

During the first half of 2022, fears of a recession seized headlines in Europe and the rest of the world. No one can predict the future, although many economists forecast an impending European recession. We often hear the word recession being thrown around casually, rarely with regard to what it means and why it is…

Explained: Secured vs. Unsecured Loans

Bondora video

Here at Bondora, we offer unsecured personal loans to our borrowers. And you may be wondering what an unsecured loan means. Keep watching to find out. A secured loan is a loan backed by collateral. The most common types of secured loans are mortgages and car loans, and in these instances, the collateral is the…