Add money directly to your chosen Go & Grow account

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Did you know you can add money directly to your Go & Grow account? That means your money goes straight into your chosen investment account, and you don’t need to transfer it from Wallet. Keep watching to see how to do it.

When using lightning-fast SEPA payments to add money to your chosen Go & Grow account, ensure you include that account’s unique reference number. This will help our payment system to recognize where to send your investment. Your money will then be sent directly to that chosen investment account, bypassing Wallet and making your life even easier.

If you forgot to add the reference number, no problem. The money will then go to Wallet and you can transfer it from there to any Go & Grow account at no extra cost. If you have Auto-transfer enabled for a specific account, then all the money in Wallet, up to any monthly limits, will automatically be transferred there. If you have Auto-Transfer activated for your Go & Grow Unlimited tier, then no limits apply.

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