Bondora is now regulated by the FCA

Bondora News

We are happy to announce that Bondora has now received a peer-to-peer lending license from the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

The FCA-supervised peer-to-peer lending license is the only license available in Europe, which subjects peer-lenders to regulatory oversight. Bondora is one of a few peer-lenders currently operating under such license.

The interim license increases the strength of the company and assures that Bondora complies with the rules set by the regulator, providing a more secure, transparent and sustainable service to its customers. These provisions among others include:

– conduct of business rules (in particular, disclosure and promotions),

– minimum capital requirements,

– client money protection rules,

– dispute resolution rules,

– administration of existing loans in case the company goes out of business.

Even though Bondora already complies with most of the regulations, there will be a transitional period, during which all processes will be made compliant with the required standards.

Bondora is entered on the Financial Services Register under company registration number 665420. Additional information can be found from the Financial Conduct Authority.