Bondora turns 7 today – let’s celebrate!

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Seven years ago today Bondora was launched. As part of the celebration, we’ve put together an infographic to bring you some of the highlights from the past years. This is also a great moment to reflect back and say Thank You to all our customers for your support over the years. We are truly thankful to you for having made it all possible and we hope to bring you even more profitable investment opportunities in the future.

Here’s a birthday toast from our CEO, Pärtel Tomberg:

“It’s a great pleasure to celebrate Bondora’s 7th birthday with our community of investors and borrowers. Developing Bondora with this team and our community has truly been an amazing experience and I hope that we can also celebrate our 17th birthday together.”

Bondora turns 7 today

2 responses to “Bondora turns 7 today – let’s celebrate!”

  1. What do you mean by “market share by country”?
    Do you mean : Bondora share of the PP lending market in each country? I don’t think so: the figures do not correspond to such a definition (more than 20% in the UK – which has a huge PP lending lmarket – does not sound very realistic).
    Or do you mean : distribution of the lenders (or of the borrowers) on Bondora by countrry of origin? But in that case, I don’t see the link with a “market share”
    Please explain

    • The chart shows where our lenders are from. The darker the spot the bigger the proportion of lenders from this specific country in relation to all lenders on Bondora.

      Sorry for the confusion!