XIRR will only be calculated when there is enough data

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Due to the way the XIRR (extended internal rate of return) mathematical formula works, the result can be relatively volatile in cases where only a few actual transactions have happened. Especially if the first transactions for the investor are done on the Secondary Market with considerable mark-up/discount.

To reduce this volatility and to give a better overview for new investors, we have decided to postpone calculating this value for all investors until 90 days have passed from their first investment. Until that period is reached, new investors will see a notification saying that we will start calculating it after this time has passed.

Based on our statistics, this should give enough time for the large majority of our investors to have enough investments to see a more stable and meaningful result for the return calculation from the start.

Additionally we will also clean up the previously calculated results for the first 90 day period for all investors to eliminate any extreme values achieved due to having only very few investments.

5 responses to “XIRR will only be calculated when there is enough data”

  1. Hopefully this will also change the scale for the ‘Annualized net return on investment over time’ graph.

    Because I started with secondary market purchases my graph starts at -100% and goes up to about +25%, so that apart from the first 3 months it appears to be a horizontal line.

    • Yes. This is mainly the reason why we intend to clean up the first 90 days results for existing investors as well.