isePankur has rebranded as Bondora

Bondora News

We are glad to welcome you at Bondora, a new international trademark for isePankur. isePankur’s rapid development in the past 5 years left no room for the brand to accommodate our cross-border expansion.

Like isePankur, Bondora continues to be a platform where you can invest into loans, previously accessible to banks and large financial institutions only. However, with the rebranding we are also introducing a new product on the market, called Bondora+, which is a restricted marketplace.

Both Bondora and Bondora+ benchmark against stock market indexes, targeting investments yielding at least 12% (after bad debt on a portfolio level). While our investment solutions are intended for experienced investors, we aim to keep the processes quick, convenient and easy to understand.

If you are well familiar with peer-lending investment, we invite you to try Bondora+.

What is Bondora+?

Bondora+ is an advanced marketplace for experienced investors who are looking for higher returns, wider selection of investment opportunities and more customization options.

In order for an investor to use Bondora+, one must first give risk awareness consent, which will pop up with additional questions, before a user is allowed into the marketplace.

The general difference between Bondora’s standard marketplace and Bondora+ lies in the data used for credit analysis. All financial data on the standard marketplace will be verified using bank statements, whilst on Bondora+ alternative data sources such as pay slips, tax information and self-assessment questionnaires will also be used. Each application will be tagged with information on data sources that were used for credit analysis.

Bondora+ loans will follow the same underwriting process, which was used for isePankur loans from APR 2010 to FEB 2011* and will be tradeable on the secondary market, like regular loans.

*- 23.02.2009 – 21.04.2010 – loans were not verified

 – from 22.04.2010 – loans verified over the phone

 – from 24.09.2010 – income verified through bank statements; before that income was not verified

 – from 1.2.2011 onwards – income and expenses verified through bank statements

In the next couple of weeks we will update our dataset document with the details of all the loans issued in the past, which would have qualified as Bondora+ loans. We will inform you when the dataset is available for download.

What rebranding means for you

The new brand name will cause no changes for you, as your login details will remain unchanged on our new website Our old website will remain active for some time.

If you would like to receive more information about investing at Bondora or Bondora+, please email [email protected].

Attention, phishing emails!

We were made aware that some of our clients had received emails, attempting to acquire sensitive information, otherwise known as “phishing”.

We would like to bring to your attention that whenever you receive an email from Bondora, asking to make a deposit, please log in to your Bondora account and make sure that payment details in the email match those, listed under It is important that you do not click any links placed in the email, which you suspect might be phishing, and access your Bondora account either by manually typing in the URL in your browser window, or through a bookmark stored in your browser.