June 2019 Recoveries Data

Stats & Data

In this post, we’ll discuss the latest recovery figures for June, and how this compares to last month. In June a total of 34,912 loans were in recovery, representing a 4.5% increase from May. Recoveries out of Spain were relatively unchanged on the month, while Finnish and Estonian recoveries were higher by 6.7% and 5.0% respectively.

Recoveries by count of loans - June 2019

Cash Recoveries Normalize

After a 30.8% increase of cash recovered in May, cash recoveries decreased by 22.9% to €375,284 over the month of June. This reduction in cash recoveries is expected as recoveries normalize from their high levels last month. In fact, total cash recoveries still exceed the numbers from April. Recoveries in the bailiff stage, which is the most recovered stage for Bondora loans, was down only 5.1% to €265,568.

Recoveries by cashflow - June 2019

Yearly Recovery Rate

As we get into the second half of 2019, the yearly recovery rate is beginning to normalize. Still, this year’s recovery rate remains at a very high level. A 71.3% recovery rate for 2019 is still well above average for previous years. The 5-year recovery rate also fell, but only slightly, to 47.5% from 49.2% a month ago.

Yearly Recovery Rate - June 2019

Recoveries by Country

Recovery rates in Spain and Finland, which were both over 100% in May, took an expected dip to 96.5% and 92.0% respectively in June. The Estonian recovery rate also dropped slightly to 51.1%, a decrease of only 2.3%.

Recovery rate - Year & Country - June 2019

Recoveries Still High

May was a huge month for Bondora cash recoveries. As such, it is no surprise that cash recoveries fell in June even as total recoveries were still on the rise. Yet, even with a drop in cash recoveries, June’s figures are still higher than most previous months.

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