Performance of recovery process – May 2017

Collection & Recovery


Total average recovery rates May 2017

  • The average recovery rates in Finland, Spain and Slovakia are all higher in 2016 compared to their 2015 figures.
  • Slovakia continues its successful recovery with an average 2016 recovery rate of 84% compared to just 36% in 2015. Moreover, this strong trend is holding steady as previous months have shown similar results.
  • Estonia continues to experience a slight down trend. The average recovery rate was 74%, 69% and 66% in 2014, 2015 and 2016 respectively.
  • Improvements in Finland, Spain and especially Slovakia have all helped raise the total average recoveries among all countries for three consecutive years.


As the Bondora platform has developed we’ve enacted more stringent collection strategies. For example, we hand over the overdue loan cases to debt collection agents just one week after the borrower misses a payment. Additionally to in-house debt collection, our partnerships with external debt collection agencies and legal entities in Estonia, Finland and Spain have all helped us track down debtors more efficiently. We believe these reinvigorated efforts will yield improving results over time. In fact, we initiated many of these practices in 2016 which may explain the total improved recovery averages jumping from 44% to nearly 60% from 2015 to 2016.

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