Performance of recovery process in Bondora – October 2016

Collection & Recovery

The monthly results are in for October for recoveries on our platform. Let’s see how we did.


  • After the significant increase of the recovery rates in September, Estonia’s principal recovery declined slightly from 71% to 67% in Q2 of 2016.
  • Slovakia’s principal recovery improved drastically from only 23% up to 548% in second quarter of 2016 due to increased recoveries in June.
  • Finland’s principal recovery for Q2 was down slightly from 102% to 83% in Q2.
  • Spain saw an improvement in recoveries from 79% up to 133% for the month, averaging around 80% across two quarters of 2016.


Our principal recovery efforts in Estonia and Finland, our two largest markets, are showing just a slight decline yet both are seeing a more than ⅔ of principal recovered. Spain & Slovakia are in with a big improvements with Spain showing a more than 100% principal recovery for the month. The programs we have in each country to help with recoveries seem to be working well for our investors. The data in the table below is as of 10.10.2016.

Quarter2014 Q12014 Q22014 Q32014 Q42015 Q12015 Q22015 Q32015 Q42016 Q12016 Q2

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