Performance of recovery process – March 2017

Collection & Recovery


  • The average recovery performance for 2016 was 64% which outperformed the average recovery over the last three years of 51%. This difference marks an uptrend in past years success of capturing past due payments.
  • Recoveries in Spain and Slovakia have each seen periods of increases in the past three years, although for their 2016 average, both saw a decrease of 9 percentage points compared to past months recovery overview.
  • In Finland, the three-year average recovery stayed on par with last months rate while the average recovery for 2016 increased 10 percentage points to 56%.
  • Compared to last month, past year average recovery in Slovakia saw significant dip from 108% to 99%. Still, across all countries this is the strongest average gain compared to its three-year average of 56%.
  • Estonia’s average 2016 recovery performance is essentially flat at 63% and its three-year total slightly higher at 67%.


Estonia, Finland and Spain all experienced drops in 2016 Q4 recovery performance relative to the previous quarter rates. However, this decrease may be due, in part, to the data which for now excludes December. Moreover, the broader trend is still moving in the right direction as we become more successful in our recovery process. For example, Estonia and Finland have each seen five consecutive quarters of continued recovery rate increase from Q3 of 2015 to Q3 of 2016. Again, the break in this trend as of Q4 2016 might be due to pending December data.

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