We are happy to announce that today at midnight we will roll-out the new bankruptcy-remote legal structure. As mentioned in our previous blog post, the new structure is suitable for EU and non-EU investors, both natural and legal entities (incl. non-financial legal entities).

After the roll-out, the loan agreements shall be concluded between the borrower and Bondora, and Bondora will immediately assign the claim deriving from the loan agreement to the investors through a broker entity. Thus, instead of a loan offer, Investors will sign the brokerage, servicing and assignment agreements. The change to the legal structure does not affect the process for the investors, meaning that investments/bid shall be still made in the same order and manner, and Bondora will continue servicing the loans.

We are also adopting the Terms of Use to the new legal structure and changes to the debt recovery process (please read “Legal structure: What are we changing?” blog post for the details on the changes to the debt recovery process).

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