We are proud to announce that Bondora API (Application Program Interface) Sandbox environment is up and running. People interested in the API now can access the documentation and start implementing their client applications. The Sandbox is a test environment that emulates the behaviour of the production API. This means that the auctions are not real and making bids into auctions is not causing any actual bids or transactions. The Sandbox environment can also change a bit, because the development is still in progress. The changes should not cause any breaking changes though.

API is an additional interface for accessing the functionality of Bondora platform without the user interface (UI). It’s an alternative to Bondora web UI and is to be accessed programmatically via custom client application. Every investor can create their own implementation of the client application. You can choose any programming language and platform. You could even create a browser plugin and have the UI look the way you want and show the data that you are interested in. We are expecting lots of different client application implementations that other investors can also use. More proficient investors can create automated bidders that request auctions, filter them by predefined parameters and automatically make bids into them.

API is implemented as a RESTful web service, meaning that all the communication is sent via HTTP, like accessing any website. For accessing different API resources (aka uri like https://api.bondora.com), the user must be authenticated prior with his/her username and password. On authentication the API responds with unique token that is generated for the user and is valid until provided date. When accessing API resources (requesting data), the user must provide the issued API token for every request. The token must be set to the request Authorization header as „Token “.

For more information you are welcome to check the API site where you can find more detailed description of the API and a technical reference documentation for all the API resources.

77 responses to “Platfrom Update: Bondora API Sandbox is Up and Running!”

  1. Exactly, you can save custom data in your application database. We need Bondora to assign unique identificators, as I recommended earlier.

    I think registering app keys would be great way to allow define cross-app investment policies and app behaviour.

    • I would not want to store any bids locally. Use cases may vary, of course. My use case is just “fetch auctions, filter by custom strategies, place matching bids, repeat”. The results are made available through the Bondora web UI. As I understood things, users will always need to login to the Bondora web UI and there is no way to provide an application replacing that web UI. Not beeing able to see all data there would be bad, IMHO.

    • Well my interpretation of original blog post is different. Bondora will of course provide UI to monitor current active investments.

      But bidding process (auction listing, bidding) on both primary and secondary market will be strictly through the API as Bondora doesn’t want to provide support to “limited group of customers”.

      Hopefully somebody from Bondora will explain it better as I don’t want to speak for them!

      For your application to be able get status of bids you need to differentiate between your app’s bids and other app’s bid by storing bid-ID locally or to pass app key with bid request as I suggested earlier.

    • That’s how I understood it as well. A client application will not have any information about loans/investments (there is no API for it). So the only place users can gather information about loans they’ve invested in is the Bondora web UI. There is a link between loans and the corresponding auction. The bids are shown for the auction. Those bids need to contain some additional information provided by a user/client application. A good place would be comments on bids. Having unique keys for everything always is a good thing, of course. It does not help in this situation.

      Say a user has setup 5 different investment strategies in a client application. That application has performed 1000 bids in a few weeks leading to 200 active investments. The user has no way to see which investment strategy is performing good or bad as that information cannot be provided to Bondora. Passing a comment along a bid and displaying that will do just fine.

    • The goal of API is to include all investment functionality that is available on website and even surpass that in the end. Currently we have timeline to add all investment related capabilities to the API during Q4 this year.

      We are open to all suggestions and ideas regarding to the API.

    • Seems like the fact that we are helping to debug two-speed API has been confirmed:

      Citation from current TC:

      We may also offer preferred access to the matketplace and additional non-standard advisory services to institutional investors, as stipulated in the Terms of Use.

  2. “The rules, how the bids are processed from the bid pool (prioritizing), are still open”
    Any news on this topic? Please share the options you are considering, if possible.

    • More you pay for preferred access to the marketplace, higher the priority… See current terms & conditions above…