Bondora breaks a new record and growth in originations: October round-up

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It’s that time of the month again! Every beginning of a new month we publish a post just like this one, giving you an aerial view of the current market situation at Bondora. In October we had great news: a new important record, originations flying high, and overall solid numbers that back Bondora’s strategy of sustainable growth. Enjoy the summary of October’s numbers so you can have peace of mind knowing your investments are well taken care of!

In October, recoveries achieved a new height
In October, recoveries achieved a new height

Bondora reached yet another incredible milestone in October. Now more than 140,000 people have decided to invest with us. That’s such a great achievement, and we are thankful to all investors who trust Bondora to help them build a better financial future. If all 140,000 of us were in a line, socially distancing, and wearing masks, it would be enough to do 42 laps on the F1 Monaco Grand Prix. Can you imagine? All investors combined have invested over €385 million with Bondora and earned more than €48 million in returns. Not bad, eh?

A record-setting month for collection and recoveries! In October, we reached new heights with our investors receiving a total of €782,739 back in debt recovered! It’s the 9th month in a row with growing recovery numbers! This shows that the effort being put by Bondora is paying off, as ensuring debt collection and investors’ best interests are at the core of our business.

Product funding saw an important growth, again crossing the €3M mark to reach a whopping €3,114,157 invested. Portfolio Manager and Go & Grow both remain the product leaders with a share of 40% and 36% of the invested amount respectively. Portfolio Pro, which was standing high in second for two months in a row, fell to third place with a total of €694,648 invested. The API saw an influx of €47,541 for the month.

Loan originations equaled €3,114,157 in October, a 12,7% growth from the previous month. Loans are still being issued only in Estonia for the foreseeable future in an effort to ensure stability in a time of economic uncertainty.

The overall yearly interest rate in October sat at 17,5%, still way above the 12,8% target. The push is led by Spain with a current 20,8% yearly rate and followed by Estonia (19,9%) and Finland (12%). Finnish loans are the only ones to be behind their target goal.

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